Deformed Destroy All Monsters Ad


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by 速水仁

Deformed Destroy All Monsters
by Hitoshi Hayami

It’s Moonlight SY3!

海洋堂ホビー館のガレージキット”デフォルメ怪獣” シリーズ、新しいなかまが加わった。これで、「怪獣総進撃」(昭和43年作品)がデイオラマできる!

Kaiyodo Hobby Museum’s garage kit “deformed monster” series, new friends have been added. With this, you can make a diorama of “Destroy All Monsters” (1968 work)!

ごそんじゴジラ。Goodbye Godzilla.
地上じゃさまにならないラドン。Does not get in the way of the ground Rodan.
ヘビじゃないよ。マンダだよ。Not a snake It’s Manda.
宇宙超怪獣キングギドラ。Space super monster King Ghidorah.
子どものモスラ。Mothra as a child.
クモンガくん Kumonga-kun
バラゴンくん Baragon-kun
ジャンプがとくいなゴロサウルス。Not good at jumping Gorosaurus.
あかちゃんミニラ。Baby Minilla.
ちょっとすねたバランくん。Varan-kun is a little shy.
ゴジラの友だち、アンギラス。Godzilla’s friend, Anguirus.

New Godzilla News

特報 特撮名場面!
Featured special effects scene!


At Toho Studios, the shooting of the new work “Godzilla,” which will be released on December 15th, is proceeding at a rapid pace.


From the beginning of September, a special effects scene was filmed in which Godzilla attacks the Shinjuku subcenter of Tokyo. In this scene, it seems that a super weapon called Super X will also appear. In next month’s issue of “Comic Bonbon,” we will announce a Godzilla diorama produced by Hitoshi Hayami that is as good as the movie!


Godzilla attacks the Shinjuku subcenter! This is the first time that a set of skyscrapers has been created with such precision.

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(タカラ TAKARA)

Godzilla suit appears in COMBAT Joe!


Takara’s 8th Combat Joe is a “Godzilla Suit.”


The Mothra vs. Godzilla battle type Godzilla suit is reproduced with special vinyl, and the back has a zipper that allows you to put in and take out the Combat Joe. The dorsal fin is removable with velcro, and the wrist part is also detachable. The doll’s face is of the Japanese type, and it comes with a bean-squeezing towel.


The prototype of this Godzilla suit was made by Mr. Hitoshi Hayami, and the result is the best. Godzilla’s head has different hearts teeth, so it’s very realistic. The price is scheduled to be 6,400 yen, and it is scheduled to be released in late November.


The standard version has a Mosugoji type head on the left, but the deluxe version also has a total attack type head on the right.

Photographed by Takara


Godzilla attacking a nuclear power plant. This scene is a Godzilla suit with a person inside.


Cybot Godzilla, which was introduced in last month’s issue, is also very active in this movie.