The deep mysteries of Shin Godzilla are laid out in “Shin · Godzilla Confidential Research Reading Book” (シン・ゴジラ機密研究読本). On the first page readers are challenged to solve the riddle of Professor Goro Maki’s analysis table like Rando Yaguchi’s team. The author writes,”The degree of difficulty is high, but I want to challenge you with the intention of becoming a member of the big disaster team” 「難易度は高めだが、巨災対の一員になったつもりでチャレンジして欲しい。」. Are you up for the challenge?! Instructions, resources, and helps are below.

Shin Godzilla Origami Join the Team

Prof Maki left a challenge in his analysis table!

解析表作成: 筑波大学 三谷純
Analysis table preparation: Jun Mitani, University of Tsukuba

印刷用データ作成:織豊山版 楠樹暖
Creation of data for printing: Oritoyo Publishing Kusunoki Dan

Origami research note (Jun Mitani)
8 x 8 格子パターンからできる構造
Structure that can be made from 8 x 8 lattice pattern

Posted as a clue to stop Godzilla’s activities in the play, published an analysis table left by former professor Maki. If you fold it properly, you can create a shape like the completed drawing (upper left photo). The degree of difficulty is high, but I want to challenge you with the intention of becoming a member of the big disaster team.

【作り方】【How to make】


Detach the analysis table along the bold lines, fold red lines and fold the blue lines with valley folds. The trick is to fold all lines and fold from the upper and lower triangles. If you want to know more details, check Mr. Mitani’s website.

——— 山折り Mountain folding
--- 谷折り Valley fold

In Shin Godzilla, Yaguchi team struggled to figure out Maki’s analytical table until they realized to fold it. Hasama, an associate professor of National Johoku University (間邦夫 国立城北大学大学院生物圏科学研究科准教授, played by Shinya Tsukamoto 塚本晋也) had a eureka moment recalling another clue, the red origami crane, left behind by the professor. And they were off to find new information that could be derived from making origami folds.

Shin Godzilla Origami Join the Team

Hiromi Ogashira, the assistant director of the Nature Conservation Bureau, Ministry of the Environment Wildlife (尾頭 ヒロミ環境省自然環境局野生生物課長補佐, played by Mikako Ichikawa 市川実日子), was seen handling an amphibian like origami (Aタイプ, A Type).

Shin Godzilla Origami Join the Team

Yasuda Tatsuhiko (間邦夫 国立城北大学大学院生物圏科学研究科准教授), the basic research promotion manager of the Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Research Promotion Bureau (安田 龍彥 文部科学省研究振興局基礎研究振興課長, played by Issei Takahashi 高橋一生), flipped the folds of a second origami (Bタイプ, B Type) inside and out.

Shin Godzilla Origami Join the Team

Kusunoki Dan (楠樹暖, @kusunokidan) who created the origami for the book also provided more instructions and photos on the post, 「シン・ゴジラのアレを折ってみた」 (roughly translated, “I tried folding Shin Godzilla’s Arrangement”). I found this very helpful for making the origami.

Photo Credit: 楠樹暖

If you don’t have the book, I’ve carefully recreated both in pdfs to assist you in their recreation. The first pdf (Aタイプ, A Type) contains blanks for practice.



The second pdf (Bタイプ, B Type) contains the analytical table graphic.



Here are five basic steps to follow in making your own Shin Godzilla origami:

  1. Download the origami patterns
  2. Carefully cut out each square following the black lines.
  3. Score and fold (crease) each red line from the back so that they rise like mountains.
  4. Score and fold (crease) each blue line from the front so that they collapse like valleys.
  5. Follow the photos above to create the origami.

Here’s how mine came out. Challenge met! I’m on the team!

Shin Godzilla Origami Join the Team