A Glowing Surprise


It was an ordinary Friday until a mysterious and unexpected box showed up at my front door. I was puzzled, curious, and full of questions. From whom and why? Then I saw the name of my friend and fellow Godzilla fan, Steve Ceragioli. Steve is a professional model and prototype painter and kaiju kit builder. His work is expansive, extraordinary and legendary. And his toy collection is amazing! “What could Steve be sending me?,” I wondered aloud. I took my scissors to the box and behold inside was an amazing custom-painted Marmit Godzilla 1999 glow sofubi figure! Then I discovered this glorious figure was gifted to me by good friend and Godzilla collector James Patrick Larocque of Kaiju Canvas.

Steve did an amazing paint application as you can see. All the paints have a pearl finish making the figure shimmer in the light. I especially love the dorsal fins and the highlight colors. I always wanted a piece of Steve’s work in my collection. But he is in great demand and his a long list of clients and work in his queue. I’m so grateful to James who made my dream a reality. I cannot thank them enough. Thank you for making my day. My Godzilla sofubi shelves will never look better because of this figure.