Today is one heck of a Box Day! I really wanted this and kinda gave up on getting it. But when a facebook friend said he had a couple more for sale, I had to jump on it. And I’m so glad that I did. Anyone who knows me as a Godzilla fan, knows that my favorite Showa films are Godzilla vs MechaGodzilla (1974) and Terror of MechaGodzilla (1975). MechaGodzilla is the height of the Showa kaiju. This mechanical marvel is the coolest and most fierce rival of Godzilla. Today, the X-Plus RMC Plus MechaGodzilla 2 arrived in all its resin glory! This may be the best figure in my collection! If you want a hell-of-awesome figure, this is the one to grab! Although it’s resin making it very fragile, its weight and metal feel is so fitting for MechaGodzilla. The accurate sculpt, detailing, and perfect paint job capture the original suit design. The light up feature and the base caught me by surprise!

X-Plus RMC Plus MechaGodzilla 2 X-Plus RMC Plus MechaGodzilla 2 X-Plus RMC Plus MechaGodzilla 2
RMC Plus 「メカゴジラ2」 少年リック限定商品

Here are the specs:
〈商品サイズ〉全高:約26.5cm (Commodity size) Overall height: about 26.5 cm
〈材質〉ポリ樹脂 (Material) Poly resign
〈仕様〉塗装済み完成品(一部組立あり) (Method) Painted (with some assembly)
〈パッケージ〉クローズドボックス (Packaging) Closed box
〈価格〉21,600円(税込)(Price) 21,600 yen (tax included)

X-Plus RMC Plus MechaGodzilla 2 X-Plus RMC Plus MechaGodzilla 2

From the Ric web site: 全身武器怪獣、メカゴジラ1975がRMC+で再登場!Reissue of the RMC Whole-body weaponized MechaGodzilla 1975!

During play both eyes shoot beams and equipped with a radiation gimmick in the chest.
胸部ハッチは開閉可能。The chest hatch might open and close.

With the head component replacement reproduces exposed electric brain.
Change and replace with the electric brain and the area at the top of the head fires.

This was a RIC Store exclusive so to acquire the purchase through its site. It’s worth the effort. I believe this will become a hot item. More photos to come in the future.

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