Box Days cannot come often enough. Last year while shopping at Mandarake Nakano, I snatched up a Marmit Angirus close-match to the 25cm X-Plus Toho Large Monster Series Angilas. So several months later X-Plus announce its re-release. I didn’t know what to do. I decided to pass on it in favor of acquiring more important figures missing from my collection. However, when the possibility of acquiring this beautiful piece materialized, I jumped on a good deal. And upon close inspection, the X-Plus Angirus is exceptional.

The 1968 Angirus is a fine figure. It differs from its counterpart in that it is more detailed with an exceptional paint job. His eyes are life-like and his tail is long and flowing with spikes. This Angirus is a perfect ally for the ’68 Godzilla.

X-Plus 25cm Angilas
Toho Large Monster Series 25cm Angilas

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