Will Godzilla return to a horrifying monster?



Will Godzilla return to a horrifying monster?

● 三十年前にたんじょうした初代ゴジラから三びきまでは、人類とたたかう悪役ゴジラだった。だが、年をおうにつれ、宇宙からのてきがあらわれだし、その後のゴジラは、地球をまもようになった。

From the first Godzilla that was born thirty years ago, Godzilla was a villain who fought against humankind. However, as the years went by, Godzilla came to protect the earth from space.


This is the ninth year since Godzilla disappeared. Scientists suspect that the new Godzilla, which will arrive a few months later, may have returned to the evil Godzilla. Once again, our home is laid waste, so it will be resurrected!


The radiant flame will be stronger, and the height may be 50 meters bigger than before.

● ゴジラをたおすためには、地球のあらゆる科学兵器をつかわなければ、だめかもしれないぞ!

You may have to use all the scientific weapons of the earth to defeat Godzilla!

▶︎ これは、三十年前、ゴジラが東京にあらわれたときの写真だ。いま、ゴジラが東京であなれたら、このなんばいものひがいになるはずだ。

This is a picture of Godzilla when he appeared in Tokyo thirty years ago. If Godzilla could be in Tokyo now, it would be a terrible thing.

Source: 裏庭映画保存会 @uraniwamoviecom