Shin Godzilla will be known for many things but no doubt it will be known for its stirring soundtrack. “Who will know (tragedy)” is emotional and gut wrenching. Not only is the instrumental moving but the voice and lyrics plummet the depths of the human soul faced with imminent doom and death. The track expresses the futility of human effort in the face of Shin Godzilla. This film packs a punch. Take a listen!

Shin Godzilla OST
Who will know (tragedy)

If I die in this world
who will know
something of me
I am lost,
no-one knows,
there’s no trace
of my yearning

If I die in this world (Chorus: But I must, Carry on,)
who will know (Nothing worse)
something of me (Can befall)
I am lost, (All my fears)
no-one knows, (All my tears)
there’s no trace (Tell my heart)
of my yearning (There’s a hole)

I wear a void,
Not even hope,
A downward slope
Is all I see

I wear a void, (As long as breath comes from my mouth)
Not even hope, (I may yet stand the slightest chance)
A downward slope (A shaft of light is all I need)
Is all I see (To cease the darkness killing me)