Which monster is Godzilla’s strongest rival?


Which monster is Godzilla’s strongest rival?


A strong enemy has appeared in Godzilla who has been fighting Anguirus, King Kong, and Mothra so far. It is not the earth monsters so far, but the evil monster King Ghidorah of the universe.

美しい金色に輝くキングギドラは、その容姿とは裏腹にラドンより速く、モスラより強く、ゴジラより凶暴といった恐るべき怪獣で、引力光線を武器に破壊の限りを尽くして暴れまわる。大きさもゴジラの二倍の百メートル(ジャイアント馬場の約五十倍)、体重三万 トン(ジャイアント馬場の二十五万倍)を誇る。

Contrary to its appearance, King Ghidorah, a beautiful golden monster, is a terrifying monster that is faster than Rodan, stronger than Mothra, and more ferocious than Godzilla. It is 100 meters in size (about 50 times larger than Giant Baba​) and weighs 30,000 tons (250,000 times larger than Giant Baba).

Jaianto (Giant) Baba​ is Shohei Baba, best known by his ring name Giant Baba, was a Japanese professional wrestler, promoter, and professional baseball player.


It is the Allied Forces of Earth Monsters of Rodan and Mothra centered on Godzilla that will meet it.

登場する怪獣は、いずれも東宝怪獣の代表選手たちばかり。つまり、それぞれ特徴も容 姿もまったく異なる怪獣たちが『三大怪獣地球最大の決戦』で一堂に会す形となり、見るものを興奮の坩堝へ陥れることとなった。

All the monsters that appear are the representative players of Toho monsters. In other words, monsters with completely different characteristics and appearances came together in the “Three Great Monsters, the Biggest Battle on Earth” [Ghidorah, The Three-Headed Monster], and what they saw fell into a crucible of excitement.


This powerful King Ghidorah is shaped by the flames of a meteorite explosion (like the Monster from the Id in The Forbidden Planet). From the moment of its birth, there were a large number of children who were so cool.

61 第2章 ゴジラシリーズ全作品を徹底解剖!
P 61 Chapter 2 Thorough dissection of all Godzilla series works!


It can be said that the act of defeating the Marine Tower with gravitational rays and doing everything possible to destroy it in various parts of Japan showed more power than Godzilla.

当初ゴジラもラドンも本能的に暴れていたが、モスラを交えての怪獣サミットの結果、とりあえず人類の味方となって協力してキングギドラに立ち向かうこととなる。このときからゴジラなどの怪獣に個性(人格?)がもたされるようになる。これは、のちにゴジラ が人類の味方へ変身する兆しといえるかもしれない。また、特筆すべきは、キングギドラの首の動きだ。いうまでもなく首は操演によるが、吊ってある線がよく絡みつかなかったと思う。いまだにキングギドラの首を上回る操演が存在しないところから、やはり日本の操演技術は世界一と思わざるをえない。

At first, both Godzilla and Rodan were instinctively rampaging, but as a result of the monster summit with Mothra, they will be on the side of humankind for the time being and will cooperate to confront King Ghidorah. From this time on, monsters such as Godzilla will have individuality (personality?). This may be a sign that Godzilla will later transform into a human ally. Also noteworthy is the movement of King Ghidorah’s neck. Needless to say, the neck depends on the performance, but I think the hanging lines did not get entangled well. Since there is still no performance that exceeds King Ghidorah’s head, I cannot help but think that Japan’s performance technology is the best in the world.


「三大怪獣地球最大の決戦」 1964(昭和39)年12月20日封切

“The Biggest Battle of the Three Monsters on Earth” [Ghidorah, The Three-Headed Monster] Released on December 20, 1964 (Showa 39)

Source: 大怪獣ゴジラ99の謎, PP 61-60