When did Godzilla become an ally of mankind?


第2章 ゴジラシリーズ全作品を徹底解剖!
Chapter 2 Thorough dissection of all Godzilla series works!

When did Godzilla become an ally of mankind?

世はまさに怪獣ブーム、漫画やテレビアニメにさまざまな怪獣たちが登場して、子供たちの話題をさらっていた。そんなときに登場したのが『地球攻撃命令 ゴジラ対ガイガン』だ。

The world was truly a monster boom, and various monsters appeared in manga and TV animation, and they were the topic of children. At that time, “Earth Attack Command: Godzilla vs. Gigan” appeared.


Most of the tokusatsu parts were duplicates of previous tokusatsu scenes, but thanks to skillful editing techniques, the finished work didn’t feel uncomfortable.

内容も、悪の宇宙人ハンター星雲M星人が、手下の怪獣キングギドラと新怪獣ガイガン を引き連れて、侵略の妨げになる怪獣ランドのゴジラとその相棒アンギラスに挑戦するといった、正攻法の侵略ストーリーを展開。子供たちは飽きることなく画面に釘づけとなっていた。

The content also develops a frontal invasion story in which the evil M Space Hunter Nebula aliens takes along their minions King Ghidorah and the new monster Gigan to challenge Godzilla and his partner Anguirus on Monster Island, who hinders the invasion. The children were glued to the screen without getting bored.


In particular, Gigan, who can be both a cyborg and a monster, is extremely attractive, and some children have been unable to sleep at night because of his coolness.


A product of the manga boom, in the scene where Godzilla and Anguirus converse in the play, a speech bubble from the manga appears, and the production of lines in it has become a hot topic. In the past “The Greatest Battle on Earth,” the conversation between the monsters was interpreted by a small Fairy Twins.


The development, which is almost like reading a manga, was criticized by monster fans of yesteryear, but it was very well received by children, and with this work, Godzilla gained even more children fans.

そして、この作品を転機にゴジラは完全に正義(子供)の味方となり、実に十八年にも及んだ人類対ゴジラの戦いに終止符が打たれ、人類の一員として迎えられることになる。『ゴジラ』シリーズが、映画ファンから大人も楽しめる怪獣映画、そして子供向け怪獣映 画へと完全に変身を遂げた記念すべき作品といえるだろう。

And with this work as a turning point, Godzilla completely became an ally of justice (children), bringing an end to the 18-year battle between humanity and Godzilla, and being welcomed as a member of humanity. “Godzilla” can be said that the series is a memorable work that has completely transformed into a monster movie that can be enjoyed by movie fans and adults, and a monster movie for children.


「地球攻撃命令 ゴジラ対ガイガン」 1972(昭和47)年3月12日封切
“Earth Attack Order: Godzilla vs. Gigan” Released on March 12, 1972 (Showa 47)

Source: 大怪獣ゴジラ99の謎, pp 76-77