Last week was what a Godzilla vacation was all about. Everyday was something exciting and new. When you get to Japan there are plenty of places marked with Godzilla’s presence. Here is a memorable Shin Godzilla place in the land of the rising sun. Shin Godzilla has put the city of Kamakura on the Godzilla fan’s map. Of all the Godzilla places I wanted to see, I had to make my way to Kamakura. Over an hour-ride outside from Tokyo, Kamakura was buzzing with people when I arrived.


There are two locations that the Shin Godzilla trailer made iconic. In a previous blog I posted Google Street Views of these locations. But there is nothing like being there in person. During the film production, I signed up as an extra but my time in Japan did not correspond with the dates when extras were needed. After going a few wrong directions, I felt a great sense of accomplishment when I found my first stop: Rakaposhi (フラワーカフェラカポシ Japan 〒248-0012 Kanagawa-ken, Kamakura-shi, Onarimachi, 2). Although Rakaposhi is no longer, there is still a small shop.


There may be nothing more iconic than the Kamakura train track and underpass scene. Children, bikers, and residents run for their lives as Shin Godzilla marches toward Tokyo.


I was waiting for Godzilla but all I saw was the train.

Here’s a panoramic shot!