Visitors from far away


PHASE 1 彼方よりの来客

Humanoid Directory
PHASE 1 Visitors from far away


Intelligent Insects
[Hunter Nebula M Aliens]

(本体)身長: 180cm
体重: 55kg
出身地: ハンター星雲M星

(Body) Height: 180cm
Weight: 55kg
Birthplace: Hunter Nebula, Star M

Appearance work “Earth Attack Order / Godzilla vs. Gigan”


M Nebula Aliens presided over the World Children’s Land Construction Committee and were appointed as its chairman and vice chairman. Its purpose is to invade the Earth based on the “Godzilla Tower” in the center of the children’s land under construction. It emits a mysterious radio wave from the head of the tower and summons Gigan and King Ghidorah, planning to start an all-out attack on the earth, but due to the success of Godzilla and Anguirus, the tower and the tower are destroyed. M Nebula Aliens are actually a giant cockroach with highly developed intelligence, and usually uses the body of a human who died in an accident as a uniform.

◀︎ 英語教師と共に、登山途中で落雷事故に遭主宰し、その会長と副会長に就任していって死んだ、その少年の姿を借りている

◀︎ Along with an English teacher, he borrowed the figure of the boy who presided over a lightning accident while climbing, and died after becoming the chairman and vice-chairman.

■ ゴジラタワー
■ Godzilla Tower

▲ 世界子供ランドの中心にあるタワーで宇宙人の基地。頭部から光線を発射
▲ An alien base in the tower in the center of World Children’s Land. It shoots a beam of light from its head

Planet of Anthropoid Apes
[Aliens from the 3rd Planet of the Black Hole]

身長: 2m
体重: 100kg
出身地: ブラックホール第3惑星

Height: 2m
Weight: 100kg
Birthplace: 3rd Planet of Black Hole
Appearance works “Godzilla vs. MechaGodzilla” and “Terror of MechaGodzilla”


As the end of the Third Planet of the Black Hole, the home star, is approaching, it sets its sights on the earth as a second home and begins to invade it. Having more advanced scientific power than earthlings, the super robot MechaGodzilla, which was created by thoroughly researching and researching the monster king Godzilla, is also a trump card for invasion. Although he was once defeated by Godzilla in Okinawa, they collected the wreckage of MechaGodzilla and built a more powerful MechaGodzilla II. However, he is defeated again before Godzilla’s success.

■ ゴジラ対メカゴジラ
■ Godzilla vs MechaGodzilla

▲ 普段は人間そっくりだが、その化けの皮を剥ぎとれば、実体は猿人である

▲ It usually looks like a human, but if you take off its disguise, it’s actually an ape-man.

■ メカゴジラの逆襲
■ Terror of MechaGodzilla

▲ ムガール隊長を中心に再び地球侵略を開始。前回とはコスチュームやヘルメットなどが異なる。実体も最後まで人間タイプ

▲ The Earth invasion begins again with Mughal as commander at the center. Costumes and helmets are different from last time. The entity is also a human type to the end


23rd century humans
[Future person]

身長: 180cm
体重: 80kg
出身地: 23世紀の地球

Height: 180cm
Weight: 80kg
Birthplace: Earth in the 23rd century

Appearance work “Godzilla vs King Ghidorah”


People who came from the 20th century by manipulating a time machine to cause catastrophic damage to 20th century Japan. They have far superior scientific ability than modern humans.

▼ ゴジラを消すという目的のウラにあるものは?
▼ What is behind the goal of erasing Godzilla?

◀︎ メカキングギドラでゴジラに挑む
◀︎ They challenge Godzilla with Mecha King Ghidorah

▲ ドラットを置き去りにし、キングギドラを誕生させた張本人
▲ The people who left the Dorats behind and gave birth to King Ghidorah

Source: ゴジラ•特撮大全集, p 69