Tomoki Kobayashi


Tomoki Kobayashi

彼らのような技師ばかりで なく、パートの主婦や外注 先の造形・模型会社の協力を経て、東宝特撮の造形美術は連綿と伝えられてきた。一方、東宝が最も厳しい時期(「ゴジラ対メガロ」)に入社した小林知己は、安丸の助手に始まっていわゆる”ビオゴジ”以降の頭部を作り、メインに昇格した。本書で特写した操演サイズのゴジラと新キングギドラも小林の手による。それを見れば重厚な質感や彫刻技術が、劇中以上に判明するはずである。その力量はまぎれもなく芸術家のものであり、職人のものでもある。

With the cooperation of not only engineers like them, but also part-time housewives and outsourced modeling and modeling companies, Toho Tokusatsu’s modeling art has been said to be continuous. On the other hand, Tomoki Kobayashi, who joined Toho during the toughest time (“Godzilla vs. Megalon”), started with Yasumaru’s assistant and made the head after the so-called “Biogoji” and was promoted to the main. The performance-sized Godzilla and the new King Ghidorah specially shot in this book are also by Kobayashi. If you look at it, you should be able to find out more about the profound texture and engraving technique than in the drama. Its competence is undoubtedly that of an artist and that of a craftsman.

Source: ゴジラ画報第2版, B Media Books, p 165.