Tokusatsu Industry Employment Reader


Tokusatsu Industry Employment Reader

大きくなったら、オレも立派な怪獣映画を作ってみたい! そんな大志を抱く人界への就職方法を教えちゃおう。このページはマジメだぞ!

When I grow up, I wanted to make a splendid monster movie too! This page is serious!

● ゴジラマガジン社発行
● 怪獣対策本部編集

● Issued by Godzilla Magazine
● Edited by Monster Countermeasure Headquarters

You can make Godzilla too!


Let’s aim for that special skill director!


Anyone who aspires to be in the special effects industry aspires to become a special effects director. Directors Eiji Tsuburaya and Koichi Kawakita are like gods to special effects fans.


However, if you look at the past examples of such special effects directors, they all started out as members of the special effects staff. In other words, it doesn’t matter if it’s a lowly job or anything, it’s necessary to have them join the staff.

ところが、ゴジラシリーズ等の特撮を担当している東宝映像美術では、現在、特撮スタッフの社員採用をおこなっていない。 特撮作品の製作が年間1本という現状では、いたしかたのないことである。

However, Toho Visual Arts, which is in charge of special effects such as the Godzilla series, is not currently hiring special effects staff. In the current situation where the production of special effects works is one per year, it is unavoidable.


Now, how do you recruit young staff? Most of them are part-time students. It is said that there are many students of special effects vocational schools and photography schools. Therefore, enrolling in such a school and starting a part-time job may be the first step to becoming a special effects director.

ただし、仕事にはなんでも向 き不向きというものがある。特撮の現場ではどういった人材が求められているのか? そのあたりを川北紘一特技監督に語ってもらった。

However, there are pros and cons to any job. What kind of people are needed at the special effects scene? We asked special effects director Koichi Kawakita to talk about it.

「ただ映画が好きなだけじゃなくて、これからは違う分野たとえばケミカルなことが強いとか、コンピュータに強いとか、そういうやつが映画を支えるの かもしれないな。それに監督をめざすのなら、撮影のこともちゃんと勉強しないと難しいね」

“I don’t just like movies, but from now on, I think people who are strong in different fields, such as chemicals or computers, may support movies. If you don’t study hard, it will be difficult.”


How to become a Godzilla actor?


Actors who wear monster costumes are said to be big stars even though their faces cannot be seen. Kenpachiro Satsuma, who is a veteran, is different, but he says that he usually asks people from the Kenyukai and Action Club. It’s because people who are doing sword fights are better at showing off.


However, there are cases, such as manga artist Kenryu Hari, who likes Godzilla and cooperates in campaigns, etc., and becomes friends with the staff and becomes a monster actor.


In any case, it is certain that physical strength above average is required for hard work. In some cases, they have to stay inside the costume for more than 30 minutes.


Also, even if it is an action, the feeling is quite different from doing it in a normal state. It takes a lot of practice to become one.


ケイブンシャの ゴジラVSモスラ決戦大百科12月発売!

Keibunsha’s Godzilla vs Mothra Decisive Encyclopedia Released in December!


▲ 好きでなければできないし、好きなだけでは務まらない。

You can’t do it if you don’t like it, and you can’t do it just because you like it.


Employment law instruction for special effects-related occupations!

このコーナーでは、特撮映画関係の職種に関する質間を待っている。 “造型スタッフになるには?”“合成の仕事をしてみたい”ゴジマガを編集したい” 等々、なんでもけっこう。わが怪獣対策本部スタッフが、さっそく関係者に取材を敢行し、その就業法を誌上で伝 授しよう。もしかしたら、このコーナーがキミの人生を変えるかもしれないぞ。

In this corner, we are waiting for questions about jobs related to special effects movies. “How to become a modeling staff?,” “I want to work in synthesis,” “I want to edit Godzilla,” etc. Anything is fine. Our Monster Countermeasures Headquarters staff will immediately interview the people involved and teach them how to work in the magazine. Maybe this corner will change your life.


Of course, advice from industry insiders is also welcome.


I want you to write it on a postcard and send it to the “special effects world job reader” section. The address is specified on the next page.


Godzilla cult quiz

Q13 「ゴジラ」の原作者・香山滋の遺作となった怪獣小説は?

Question 13. What is the monster novel that became the last work of Shigeru Kayama, the original author of “Godzilla”?

Q14 「空の大怪獣ラドン」で、ラドンが舞い降りた福岡の西鉄ターミナルデパートの名前は?

Question 14. What is the name of Fukuoka’s Nishitetsu Terminal department store where Rodan landed in “The Giant Sky Monster Rodan”?