Toho Video Godzilla 1984


Delayed by snow and ice, DHL delivers a box from the past. I have become obsessed with collecting all thing 1984 over the last couple years. And that obsession continues with finding the official TOHO VIDEO VHS Hi-Fi Godzilla (1984, 103 minute running time, in color). The tape cassette is intact and the original TOHO documentation is included. The box feature of amazing art of famous Japanese Godzilla Heisei poster artist Noriyoshi Ohrai (生頼範義, おうらい のりよし). This rendering is fixed in the imagination of Godzilla fans as the iconic representation of the return of Godzilla towering over the Shinjuku skyscrapers. His poster has been capture in resin by the great Godzilla modeler Yuji Sakai. Ohrai’s 1984 poster would set the tone, trend and approach for subsequent Heisei films that were marketed with both posters using his art and traditional photographic poster.

Although the box is a bit worn, the video tape is in great condition. The picture quality is still excellent after more than forty years. Below is a short clip of the opening from my VHS tape followed by a transcription and translation of the box front and back.

ゴジラ Godzilla

In the attention of the whole world
The strongest and worst monster in history has revived!

“Godzilla” — Japan’s best super monster in the world.

日本全上はもとり、映画王国アメリカを始め、世界中から新作を持ち望むラブコールが殺到。そして今、東宝特撮陣が総力を上げて、前代未聞の”Monster Movie”を作り上げた。

All over Japan, including the movie kingdom America, is flooded from all over the world with passionate calls from those who want new works from all over the world. And now, the Toho special effects team has put all their energy into creating an unprecedented “Monster Movie.”

⟪New Godzilla⟫ 身長80m、体重5万トン、全長200mにスケールアップ、その巨体、底知れぬパワーを秘め、破壊の権化•悪の化身となって、日本本土に襲いかかる。


出演者 Cast
小林桂樹 Keiju Kobayashi
田中健 Ken Tanaka
沢口靖子 Yasuko Sawaguchi
宅麻伸 Shin Takuma
小沢栄太郎 Eitaro Ozawa
内藤武敏 Taketoshi Naito
石坂浩二 Koji Ishizaka
武田鉄矢 Tetsuya Takeda
(特別出演) (Special appearance)
夏木陽介 Yosuke Natsuki

製作 ● 原案 田中友幸
脚本 ● 永原秀一
監督 ● 橋本幸治

Production ● Original Draft Tomoyuki Tanaka
Screenplay ● Hideichi Nagahara
Director ● Koji Hashimoto


撮影 ● 原一民
音楽 ● 小六禮次郎

Shooting ● Kazumi Hara
Music ● Reijiro Koroku

製作 ● 株式会社東宝映画
©1984 東宝 • 東宝映画

Production ● Toho Pictures, Inc.
© 1984 Toho ● Toho Movie

発売元●東宝株式会社/〒100 東宝都千代田区有楽町1-2-1 TEL03(591)5044(代)

Publisher ● Toho Co., Ltd./1-2-1, Yurakucho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 100 TEL 03 (591) 5044 (main)


Note ◾ This videotape is for personal viewing only at home. It cannot be used for screenings, broadcasts, or monetary payments for business purposes. Reproduction or modification of this videotape is prohibited by law. ※Special delivery to foreign countries is prohibited without the permission of the production company.

Back in the 80s, I was fortunate enough to buy the English release of Godzilla 1985 on VHS. Until this day, it remains in the original shrink wrap, because I had recorded from TV. I’m delighted to have them both together in my collection. I found the TOHO VIDEO tape on Buyee Japan. It originally retailed for 14,000 yen, today that would be about $140 USD. This tape was previously owned and cost me about $8 USD. I love getting used Godzilla collectibles. You can see, feel, and smell the decades gone by. Old and used collectibles are great because they have stories about the lives of the Godzilla fans who possessed them. Collecting Godzilla is all about the nostalgia and memories.