Toho monsters other than movies



Toho monsters other than movies


Do you know the Chibikko Special?! Do you know Little Monsters University?! MechaniGodzilla! Terrain Cognita! Red Alone!


Awaken the phantom giant monster sleeping deep in the memories of uncle monster fans!


Shinsuke Minami, who is very popular in NHK’s “Comic Stage” at 8 o’clock on Saturday, will be the moderator, and there is also a theory that Terrain Cognita is modeled after Sannami. Exercise using a stick called a bang bang stick was also sold, but there were no monsters. Many children were bored.


Mr. Nobuyuki Yasumaru in the center, Mr. Jiro Shirasaki of special art on the left, Dr. Chibikko Kaiju on the right. Speaking of Tokyo 12 Channel and monsters, Titanosaurus and MechaGodzilla appeared as backup dancers for idols on the popular song program “Yan-yan Music Studio” that aired from the late 70’s.


In 1972, when the second monster boom was in full swing, the “Chibikko Special” broadcast on Tokyo Channel 12 at 7:00 pm on Sundays was a dream variety show for children who loved monsters. A corner featuring 8 short Toho monster movies that only rich children could afford! Godzilla and other popular monsters will appear! A corner to announce new monsters for children, where excellent works will be selected from among the monsters that viewers have come up with! New monsters are not limited to submissions, and Terrain Cognita, which was once a hot topic as a phantom monster in “Tokusatsu Newtype.” It is an original monster born from the program. Recently, from the album of Mr. Nobuyuki Yasumaru, who created many Toho monsters including Gorosaurus, was found a very valuable color snap when he served as a judge in the new monster announcement corner! By the way, according to my recollection, a monster called MechaniGodzilla was selected as an excellent work, and a costume with a Godzilla painted silver and a switch on its chest appeared. MechaGodzilla made its debut two years later in 1973, but I assure you that the original story is “Little Kid Special”!!!
(Kento Tomoi)

夢の対決! テラインコグニータ対ガバラは、昭和47年7月30日放送。

Dream Showdown! Terrain Cognita vs. Gabara was broadcast on July 30, 1972.

Source: オール東宝怪獣大図鑑, p 206