Dear Keiichi Sakurai-san,

One word to describe you is “amazing.” I want to thank you for your amazing kindness, generosity, and thoughtfulness expressed to me at the Famous Monsters Convention in Dallas, Texas, over the weekend. It is through your eyes that I like many other Godzilla fans came to know and adore Godzilla in our childhood. Your work as cinematographer is legendary defining the Godzilla of the Heisei era and now Shin Godzilla.

Thank you for taking the time to look at my toy photography and sharing your work with me and your personal experience with the Father of Tokusatsu, Eiji Tsuburaya. I see the love you have for your work and your passion easily seen in how you experimented with your camera. You are my inspiration! I am a student of your work. It was such an honor to meet you!