Time to Pack


Clock is Ticking

Time to start packing and pressing and rolling garments. I really want my bag to be tight and light. That’s going to be a big task. Fortunately, my heavier items are smaller than on previous trips. I’m worried my tops and pants will make the bag bulky making it difficult to fit in the luggage bin or under the seat before me. I will make some tough decisions to keep my bag to ideally weight and size. I’ll buy extra garments from GAP and Uniqlo if I must.

There’s nothing like arriving in Japan and realizing you’re back again. Time spent there is so fleeting. So feel every moment with wonderful memories. I intend to video as much as possible, more any other time before. When I discovered the vhs tape from my first trip I was so excited to relieve those memories from over 20 years ago. I will take that same walk through Ikebukuro and compare then and now.

I will begin reaching out to friends in Japan, regardless of whether I can visit them or not. You meet and make so many wonderful people there. Japan is a wonderland.

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