The Story of the Space Monster King Ghidorah


★ 大怪獣シリーズ3
★ Large Monster Series 3

King Ghidorah

★ 大怪獣シリーズ3
★ Large Monster Series 3

King Ghidorah

レーダー角 Radar angle
発声帯 Vocal cords outlet
引力光線ぶくろ Gravity ray sack
原子炉心臓 Reactor heart
プラズマ発生ぶくろ Plasma generation
鉱物い Minerals
シリコン骨 Silicon bones
核エネルギーぶくろ Nuclear energy sack

身長100メートル 翼の長さ150メートル 体重3万トン
Height 100 meters, wing length 150 meters, weight 30,000 tons

★ ゴジラ映画大全集 ★
★ Godzilla Movie Complete Works ★


From August 2nd to August 24th, “Godzilla vs. MechaGodzilla” and 3 other books. Published in Yurakucho “Nippon Theater” and other major cities nationwide.

The Story of the Space Monster King Ghidorah


A terrifying space super monster that completely destroyed the civilization of Venus in just one day.

その名はキングギドラ!! 全身が輝くばかりの黄金色につつまれ、三つの首と顔、ふたつにわかれた尾、巨大な二枚羽、 異常に発達した胴体と前肢。

Its name is King Ghidorah !! Its whole body is surrounded by a shining golden color, with three necks and a face, a tail divided into two, huge double wings, an abnormally developed torso and forelimbs.

まるで、悪魔の申し子さながらに、体は刃のように鋭いウロコでおおわれ、あらゆる攻撃に耐えられる固さと強さを誇あくま こうげきっている。

Like the devil’s child, the body is covered with scales that are sharp like blades, boasting the hardness and strength to withstand all attacks.

目は、酒を求めるヤマタノオロチのようにランランと光り、鋭い牙は鉄でも平 気でかみくだく。そのうえ口からは引力 光線(またの名を電撃光線)をはきちら し、ビルでも最新の重戦車でも軽く破壊してしまう、まさに宇宙の超怪獣だ。

His eyes shine like Yamata no Orochi, who seeks sake, and his sharp fangs can be chewed with iron. What’s more, it’s a super-monster in space that shoots gravitational rays (also known as electric shock rays) from its mouth and easily destroys buildings and the latest heavy tanks.

キングギドラの出身地は不明である。 大宇宙のどこかで生まれた事は確かだがよくわからない。だが、悪いウワサだけは地球にもとどいている。なんでも、少しても生命の存在を確認すると、その星を徹底的に破滅させないと気のすまないいやな性格のやつらしいと・・・・・・。

The birthplace of King Ghidorah is unknown. He was born somewhere in the universe, but not sure exactly where. But only bad rumors have returned to Earth. Anyway, when it confirms the existence of life even a little, it seems to be a being with an unpleasant personality that it feels sorry if it does not completely destroy the star.


As a bonus, it is strong, so on the day when it comes to the earth, it’s not be saved.

と、思っていたら昭和38年12月、東京オリンピックの年に、事もあろうに日本にやってきやがった! 勝手気ままに空を飛びまわり、ニューヨークを全滅させふたたび日本に!

In December 1963, in the year of the Tokyo Olympics, it came to Japan no matter what! It flew freely in the sky, annihilated New York, and returned to Japan!


By the way, we are welcoming Godzilla, Rodan, and the Mothra larvae of the Allied Forces of the Earth. The three great monsters of the earth smashed this bastard and Ghidorah escaped from the earth with his own way.


However, even after that, he has been manipulated by Planet X Aliens, Kilaak Aliens, and Hunter Nebula M Aliens many times. Maybe they like the earth.

Photograph of the studio exploration


In the Toho studio in Setagaya-ku, Tokyo, there is a large pool for shooting special effects movies, which is the largest in the Asia.


It was made a long time ago to take the special effects scene of the war movie “Taiheiyou no Arashi,” and it still remains.

その大プールの裏手に、特撮に使 小道具をしまう倉庫がある。さらにその奥に、怪獣のヌイグルミをつくったり、怪獣がこわすビルなどのミニチュアをつくる特殊美術の建物があるんだ。ここの天井に、つい最近、のぼってみて、ビックリした。

Behind the large pool, there is a warehouse for storing props for special effects. Behind that, there is a special art building that makes miniatures such as monster stuffed toys and monster-smashing buildings. It is surprising to climbed up to the ceiling here.


A small stuffed toy from King Ghidorah is covered in dust and left alone. When you touch it, it’s weathered, so it’s dangerous. It should be leave as it is.


Writing / Takeuchi hood
Illustration / Yuji