The Story of Godzilla’s Birth – Pt 77


The Story of Godzilla's Birth
「ゴジラ誕生語」The Story of Godzilla's Birth by Osamu Yamaguchi

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That is certainly true. The battle between Godzilla and the Self-Defense Forces (as they are called in the film) is one of the most dynamic scenes in the film. However, the Self-Defense Forces had never cooperated with a film before.


“A monster movie?”


The senior officers of the Self-Defense Forces who received the script were silent for a while. The staff of the main production took the script to the Self-Defense Forces and the Japan Coast Guard and negotiated directly with them.


“After all, this is an unprecedented event,” said the Self-Defense Forces, whose life depends on making decisions quickly, but they were unable to give an immediate answer. If they were to turn it down, the scenario of the film would have to be significantly altered. In fact, the Godzilla film itself would no longer be viable.


“We want to convey the message of ‘the value of peace’ in this film. This feeling is the same as that of the members of the Self-Defense Forces.”


We Japanese are more aware than anyone of the stupidity of war and the horror of nuclear weapons. That’s why we wanted to express that in a film made by Japanese people. Tanaka’s wish was now shared by the entire staff.


They didn’t want to shoot a cool scene of a defense team fighting monsters. Rather, they wanted to make a movie with a message of peace, against war and nuclear weapons. After hearing the staff’s passionate explanation, the executives held a meeting. The conclusion they came to was as follows.


“I understand. We in the Self-Defense Forces are also working for peace. If that’s the kind of film you’re making, then we’d love to give our full support.”


In this way, the Self-Defense Forces were able to provide their cooperation for the endless series of Godzilla films that followed.

P 170

▼ 潜水服を着た芹沢と尾形

▼ Serizawa and Ogata in diving suits

In this scene, they head off to exterminate Godzilla with the Oxygen Destroyer in hand. It’s interesting how the difference in their headbands seems to represent the contrasting personalities of Serizawa and Ogata (Akira Takada).

▼ 水中の芹沢


▼ Serizawa underwater

The close-up shots of Serizawa and Ogata underwater were taken with a large aquarium placed in front of them. The same goes for Godzilla underwater.