The Story of Godzilla’s Birth – Pt 61


The Story of Godzilla's Birth
「ゴジラ誕生語」The Story of Godzilla's Birth by Osamu Yamaguchi

P 136


“Where did that Godzilla thing come from?”


Many people did not understand the meaning of special effects movies. The assistant director explains.


“Today is a movement test, so Godzilla won’t come.”


It’s a funny story now, but at the time it was understandable. Doing something for the first time is fraught with difficulties. After this, about 300 local residents participated as extras in the scene where the bell rang and the residents ran away, saying, “Godzilla has appeared!” Again, the problem of “laughing” occurred. T


Even among the special effects staff, Tsuburaya was the only one who knew exactly what kind of movie the finished product would be. That’s why everyone worked so hard, including the camera, lighting, and operations.


“Now, let’s take a look at rush print.”


Everyone was excited by Tsuburaya’s words.


“Wow, you were able to capture some amazing scenes.”


“Hey, look, I built that building.”


“I was the one who strung up that wire.”


It was so noisy. Scenes that were shot well were met with loud applause. Everyone is excited about the art and composition.

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However, Tsuburaya was the only one who remained silent. Even when he opens his mouth, he doesn’t say much. “Yes, that’s nice.” “It’s going well.” No one knows what he was thinking, but it must have been obvious to Tsuburaya.


However, Tsuburaya never tried to show this rush print to anyone other than the special effects staff. However, he gave a special rush print to the two Godzilla actors, saying they would be interested in their performances.


“Hey, Ari-chan.”


“Ari-chan” refers to Arikawa. It was Honda, the main director, who called out to him.


“Hey, show me rush print, too. Even when I tell the old man, he won’t show it to me at all.”


Old Man–That’s what Tsuburaya was called by all the staff around this time.


“Well, I don’t know either.”


“Don’t say that, just ask the old man again.”


Surprisingly, they don’t even show it to Honda, the main director. Arikawa got in between the two and was always in trouble.


“Umm, Director Honda wants to see rush print again.”


“It’s okay. I’ll show it to you soon.”


The answer was always the same. However, one day, Tsuburaya said this to Arikawa.


“I don’t want to show unfinished rushes.The film shot at the special effects site is not a finished product. It is only when drawing, compositing, music, sound effects, etc. are added that it becomes complete. I don’t want people to say something is like that based on what they see without knowing how it will turn out.”