The Story of Godzilla’s Birth – Pt 28


The Story of Godzilla's Birth
「ゴジラ誕生語」The Story of Godzilla's Birth by Osamu Yamaguchi

P 64



Godzilla hanging on a wooden tower
The person on the right wearing a hat and glasses is Tsuburaya Special Skills Director.


Actor Katsumi Tezuka in a Godzilla costume
Supported by Toshimitsu (left) and Kaimai from the modeling department.

P 65


He looks apologetic as he takes out a pair of pliers. Anyway, Godzilla of this era had to be repaired every day. The material was hard, and the surface would peel off if you bumped into something. There is only one costume available. That’s why the modeling team was busy repairing it almost every night.


Repairs to Godzilla were being carried out in a building on the top of a hill. At night, when the shooting is finished, he uses a cart to carry it to the top of the hill. It’s good when he goes to the studio, but it’s heavy when he goes home.


Every night, Kaimai asks someone to help push him up the hill, and then he begins repairs. It continued day after day.


After making sure that nothing is inside Godzilla anymore, Kaimai closes Godzilla’s back. After checking the set, it’s time for the actual work. The smoke is fanned by a fan and flows smoothly. Tsuburaya gives the signal.


“Okay, let’s start!” All three cameras turn at once, and Tezuka’s Godzilla steps toward the Capitol building. And at that time,


“Cut, cut!”


Tsuburaya’s voice rang out. Suddenly, Godzilla collapses and crashes into the Capitol building. The Capitol is in pieces. The staff rushes up to the stage. Since Tezuka is included in the already heavy costume, the weight of the rush is considerable. It took four or five people to get it upright. Tezuka came out sweating and yelled loudly.


“Can I do a play without being such an incompetent person?”

P 66


I pushed a part-time model worker who was nearby with all my might. Tezuka apparently hit his jaw hard. Beside him, the art staff who created the Capitol was holding his head in his hands. The set, which took 20 days to complete, disappeared completely in an instant.


While the atmosphere was heavy, Nakajima was thinking.


“Even if I was included, I don’t know if I would have done well… “But I’ll never complain. I won’t whine.” That’s one thing I’ll never forget. If I complained, they would just dismiss me and say, “Okay, we’ll use another actor.” That’s the B2 actor. It’s natural for me to do the work I’m told to do without complaining. If you can’t do it, you’re just a ‘useless person.'”


Nakajima said to himself.


“Even if the work is difficult or dangerous, I will try my best. That’s who I am.”


A few days later, thanks to the frantic efforts of the art staff, the restoration of the National Diet Building was somehow completed. Filming of the scene begins again.


“Oh, now you can move a lot easier.”


Tezuka’s mumbled voice could be heard from inside the costume. The hard work of the sculpting staff has finally paid off, resulting in a costume that can act.


“Okay, it looks like things won’t turn out like last time this time.”


Tezuka felt good and was on standby.