The Story of Godzilla’s Birth – Pt 1


The Story of Godzilla's Birth
「ゴジラ誕生語」The Story of Godzilla's Birth by Osamu Yamaguchi

Title Page

The Story of Godzilla’s Birth

山口 理
Osamu Yamaguchi

Bunken Publishing

プロローグ 4
1 G作品 6
2 円谷英二という男 10
3 集うスタッフ 17
4 ゲテモノ映画? 26
5 2人のゴジラ 40
6 ミニチュアとの格闘 49
7 ゴジラ始動 62
8 逆境をバネに 83
9 いかに見せるか 94
10 アイデアと工夫 105
11 ゴジラ俳優の熱演 120
12 特技監督のプライド 129
13 名シーンの数々 139
14 ゴジラと音楽 153
15 平和への祈り 161
16 ゴジラ誕生 173
エピローグ 179
あとがき 186
主な参考資料 190

Table of Contents
Prologue 4
1 G Works 6
2 A man named Eiji Tsuburaya 10
3 Gathering Staff 17
4 A low-quality movie? 26
5 2 People of Godzilla 40
6 Fighting Miniatures 49
7 Godzilla starts 62
8 Turn adversity into spring 83
9 How to show 94
10 Ideas and Ingenuity 105
11 Godzilla Actor’s Enthusiastic Performance 120
12 Special Skills Director’s Pride 129
13 Famous Scenes 139
14 Godzilla and music 153
15 Prayer for Peace 161
16 Birth of Godzilla 173
Epilogue 179
Afterword 186
Main References 190



The audience scrambled backwards. Then, a roar of “Oh!” rises. It was the moment when the King of Monsters, Godzilla of the world, appeared on the screen for the first time.


40 minutes after the movie started, Godzilla, which landed in Tokyo Bay, showed its whole body for the first time. The spectators held their breath at the gigantic scale.


During the scene of destroying the city of Ginza as it progresses, screams of “Scary!” and “Big!” Everyone in the audience was captivated by Godzilla’s sheer size, majesty, and dreadfulness, to which the film was so devoted.


When Godzilla approached the National Diet Building, there was a big round of applause from inside the building. When the Wako Building’s clock tower and Kachidoki Bridge were destroyed, some customers involuntarily leaned forward and shouted, “Wow!” Everyone was amazed, breathless, and obsessed with Godzilla.


On the way back from the movie theater, Eiji Tsuburaya, the special skill (special skill) director (“special skill director” is displayed on the screen from the next work, “Godzilla Raids Again”), looked around at everyone’s faces and said only one word. He said,


Fallen leaves have already begun to whirl around in the city.