The secret of radiation inside Godzilla


The secret of radiation inside Godzilla


From “Godzilla vs King Ghidorah”
The internal radiation that Godzilla the 3rd generation showed for the first time in the battle against Biollante is a backlash that causes radiant heat rays to flow back from the mouth and shoots from the base of the dorsal fin. There is a sharp type that cuts the ivy of Biollante and a type that has a large shock wave that flicked Ghidorah.

① ゴジラせき髄②あまった原子力エネルギーを放電する背びれ③神経が集まっているところ/口を閉じて溜まったエネルギーは逆流してここにたまり、ふん出される。④ゴジラ骨盤⑤ゴジラテールの強力な破壊力をうみだす強じんな筋肉⑥ブ厚い皮下脂肪⑦重い体をささえるゴジラ関節⑧G細胞/核エネルギーを全身の細胞のひみつひとつがたくわえている。

(1) Godzilla spinal cord (2) Dorsal fin that discharges excess nuclear energy (3) Where nerves are gathered / Close the mouth and the accumulated energy flows back and accumulates here and is discharged. ④ Godzilla pelvis ⑤ Strong muscle that produces the powerful destructive power of Godzilla tail ⑥ Thick subcutaneous fat ⑦ Godzilla’s joint that supports a heavy body ⑧ G cells /the secret of each cell throughout the body is that it stores nuclear energy.