The Resurrection of Godzilla


序之弐・復活 『ゴジラ』
Introduction 2 / Resurrection “Godzilla”

検討稿(永原稿) 「ゴジラの復活」
Examination manuscript (eternal manuscript) “Resurrection of Godzilla”

鳥島沖。日本原子力公団放射性廃 棄物海洋投棄船・太陽丸で作業の監 督にあたっていた奥村宏は、突然巻 き起こった異常潮流に巻き込まれ遭 難する。奥村と3人の作業員は運良く近くの岩場に漂着するが、洞窟で 無数の巨大なダニに襲撃される。たった1人、命からがら脱出した奥村は左遷中の東都日報記者・牧吾郎に 救助された。しかし奥村は内閣調査室のヘリに回収され、ある病院に隠されてしまう。

Off the coast of Torishima. Hiroshi Okumura, who supervised the work on the ocean dumping ship, Taiyomaru, of the Japan Atomic Energy Corporation, was caught up in an abnormal tide that suddenly rolled up and was in distress. Okumura and three workers are lucky enough to be washed ashore on a nearby rocky area, but are attacked by a myriad of giant mites in a cave. Okumura, who escaped from his life, was rescued by Tohto Daily reporter Goro Maki. However, Okumura is recovered by a helicopter in the Cabinet Intelligence and Research Office and hidden in a hospital.

奥村の証言を分析した内調は三田 村首相と協議。ゴジラの存在はほぼ 間違いないと断定し、パニックを避 けるためその情報を隠蔽する。その あおりでスクープを公表する機会を 失う牧。伍堂編集長と喜田川デスクは情報公開を見越して、牧に一線に 復帰、取材を続けるように指示する。牧は林田生物研究所の林田教授の取 材に向かい、助手中尾、そして奥村の妹・尚子に出会う。

The internal tone that analyzed Okumura’s testimony was discussed with Prime Minister Mitamura. He concludes that Godzilla is almost certain and hides the information to avoid panic. Maki loses the opportunity to publish the scoop with his tilt. In anticipation of information disclosure, the editor-in-chief of Godo and the Kitagawa desk will instruct Maki to return to the line and continue coverage. Maki heads for an interview with Professor Hayashida of the Hayashida Biological Research Institute and meets his assistant Nakao and Okumura’s younger sister Naoko.

牧はついに奥村のいる病院を突き 止める。が、内調の石井は一足先に奥村を連れ出し、後を追った牧の車を振り切った。

Maki finally locates the hospital where Okumura is. However, Ishii, who is in the middle of the story, took Okumura out ahead of him and shook off Maki’s car.

一方、ソ連のミサイル原潜が日本 近海で謎の沈没を遂げ、米ソ関係が 急速に緊迫化する。 尚子の連絡で奥村との再会を取材に向かった牧は、 奥村のいる大学病院で内調の辺見、石井、そして林田に出会う。奥村兄妹を取材対象として扱った物を、尚子は非難する。牧も取材と好奇の目 に晒されるようになった兄妹の姿に罪悪感を感じ始める。

Meanwhile, the Soviet Union’s nuclear submarine sank in the waters near Japan, and US-Soviet relations rapidly became tense. Maki, who was contacted by Naoko and headed for a reunion with Okumura, meets Henmi, Ishii, and Hayashida, who are in the middle of the story at the university hospital where Okumura is located. Naoko blames the Okumura brothers and sisters for their coverage. Maki also begins to feel guilty about the appearance of her brother and sister who have been exposed to interviews and curiosity.

日本政府は、米ソ間の対立を緩和 すべく、ソ連原潜を沈めたゴジラの存在の公表に踏み切り、同時に首相官邸地下に対策本部を発足させる。林田は、体長100メートルの怪物と化したゴジラが、食物=放射性物 質を求め日本本土に上陸することは 確実だという。

In order to alleviate the conflict between the United States and the Soviet Union, the Japanese government will announce the existence of Godzilla that sank the Soviet Union, and at the same time, establish a countermeasures headquarters in the basement of the Prime Minister’s Office. Hayashida says that it is certain that Godzilla, which has become a 100-meter-long monster, will land on the mainland of Japan in search of food = radioactive material.

そして、自衛隊による哨戒の中、 早朝の小さな港町を巨大ダニの群が 襲撃した。それはゴジラの寄生して 巨大化したダニ=ショッキラスだった。消防署と自衛隊によってショッキラスが殲滅されたが、その直後、宿主たるゴジラが出現する。ヘリで駆けつけた林田たちの見守る中、井浜原発の炉心からエネルギーを得るゴジラ。

Then, during a patrol by the Self-Defense Forces, a group of giant mites attacked a small port town in the early morning. It was Godzilla’s parasitized and enormous mite-shockiras. Shokkiras was annihilated by the fire department and the Self-Defense Forces, but immediately after that, Godzilla, the host, appeared. Godzilla gets energy from the core of the Ihama nuclear power plant while watching over Hayashida and others who rushed by helicopter.

林田は井浜原発で得たデータ分析 からゴジラの磁性体を利用した三原山への誘導作戦を提案する。一方、米ソはゴジラに戦術核の使用を求め る。彼らはゴジラをダシに、戦術核の実験を行なおうとしているのだ。

Hayashida proposes a guidance strategy to Mt. Mihara using Godzilla’s magnetic material from the data analysis obtained at the Ihama nuclear power plant. Meanwhile, the US and Soviet Union ask to use tactical nuclear weapons against Godzilla. They are trying to test tactical nuclear weapons with Godzilla as a excuse.

三田村は非核三原則に沿って両国 の提案を却下、日本は通常兵器でゴジラを迎え撃つことになった。海中のゴジラを、潜水艦捕獲兵器ジャイアント・バスが捕らえ、数隻の小型潜水攻撃艇クラブシイザスがゴジラ を攻撃。ゴジラは熱線でバスのアームを溶かし、東京湾へ進入する。そ の混乱のさ中、停泊中のソ連客船に 隠された戦略核発射装置が誤作動してしまった。

Mitamura rejected the proposals of both countries in line with the Three Non-Nuclear Principles, and Japan decided to attack Godzilla with conventional weapons. The submarine capture weapon Giant Bus captures Godzilla in the sea, and several small submarine attack boats Club Sisas attack Godzilla. Godzilla melts the arm of the bus with heat rays and enters Tokyo Bay. In the midst of that turmoil, the strategic nuclear launcher hidden in the moored Soviet liner malfunctioned.


People who ignore the evacuation advisory and rush to see Godzilla. Maki sees herself as a director who used a runaway tribe and a toddler to direct her. Maki who robs them of infants and delivers them to their mothers.

林田たちはゴジラを誘導する実験に成功するが、ゴジラの一撃でヘリは失われ、高層ビルに閉じ込められ る。一方、首都防衛戦闘機スーパー Xのカドミウム弾でついに動きを止めるゴジラ。しかしその上空にはすでにソ連の核ミサイルが迫っていた。 三田村はアメリカに迎撃を要請、両国の核ミサイルは成層圏で衝突し、コンプトン効果=電磁衝撃波ですべ ての電子機器が停止する現象が発 生する。 機能停止したスーパーXは 墜落、爆発した。そして、活動を再 開するゴジラ。閉じていた電子ロックのシャッターも開き、2人乗りの 別のヘリで林田を送り出した牧、尚子、中尾は、破壊された地上への階 段に代わり、居合わせた浮浪者と共 に窓拭きゴンドラで脱出を試みる。 その寸前に迫るゴジラ。

Hayashida et al. succeed in an experiment to guide Godzilla, but the helicopter is lost by Godzilla’s blow and is trapped in a skyscraper. On the other hand, Godzilla finally stops moving with the cadmium bullet of the capital defense fighter Super X. However, a Soviet nuclear missile was already approaching the sky. Mitamura asks the United States to intercept, and the nuclear missiles of both countries collide in the stratosphere, causing a phenomenon in which all his electronic devices stop due to the Compton effect = electromagnetic shock wave. The outaged Super X crashed and exploded. And Godzilla who reopens the activity. Maki, Naoko, and Nakao, who sent out Hayashida with another two-seater helicopter, opened the shutter of the electronic lock that had been closed, and replaced the floor to the destroyed ground with a window-cleaning gondola with the wanderer who was present. Try to escape with. Godzilla approaching that.

Compton scattering, discovered by Arthur Holly Compton, is the scattering of a photon after an interaction with a charged particle, usually an electron. (Source: Wikipedia)


Around that time, Hayashida, who joined Okumura on Mt. Mihara, began to guide Godzilla by VHF. Maki, who is separated from Nakao and the vagrant, is caught between Godzilla’s legs and struggles to move forward and backward. However, Godzilla suddenly turns and leaves for the sea.

三原山火口に誘導されたゴジラの足元で、爆薬が炸裂。誘発された噴 火に呑まれ沈みゆくゴジラを見守る人間たち。自らに言い聞かせるかのように、林田がつぶやく。

Explosives explode at the feet of Godzilla guided to the Mt Mihara crater. Humans watching Godzilla sinking and swallowed by the triggered eruption. Hayashida murmured as if to tell herself.

「ゴジラは死んでない・ 必ず生き続ける。 必ず……………」

“Godzilla isn’t dead. It’s definitely going to stay alive. Be sure ……………”

噴出するマグマの彼方、東の空が赤 く燃え、長い夜の終りを告げていた。

Beyond the erupting magma, the eastern sky burned red, signaling the end of a long night.

Source: 平成ゴジラ大全 1984-1995 (双葉社, p 53)