The men who made Godzilla



The men who made Godzilla


Unlike a long time ago, models of monsters and super weapons that appear in Toho special effects movies are now manufactured and sold by various companies, and can be easily purchased. However, among enthusiastic fans, not a few people are not satisfied with the products released by manufacturers, and they create monsters such as Godzilla and super weapons from scratch by themselves. Here, let’s take a look at the people who made Godzilla, the King of Monsters, in a costume the size of a human being.


Shizuo Nakajima was probably the first person to create a Godzilla costume. The MosuGoji costume that he made and was introduced in a boys’ magazine around 1971, and later made the KinGoji suit to appear in his own 8mm movie.


During the unprecedented Godzilla boom just before the release of “Godzilla (84),” the costume that appeared at various events and on TV was the MosuGoji suit made by Fuyuki Shina, who was in charge of modeling Biollante in “Godzilla VS Biollante.”


Even after that, there are no fans who make Godzilla suits, and recently Haruhiko Mae, who wrote the weapon catalog for this “Godzilla Encyclopedia (New Mothra),” and Yu Yoshiba are making MosuGoji suits. The costume is urethane. It is made from sponge and Lagypsum tex, and is made by molding it with plaster.


▲ 前氏のゴジラは現在製作中
▲ Mr. Mae’s Godzilla is currently in production

◀︎ 製作者の吉羽氏とポーズをとるゴジラ
◀︎ Godzilla poses with creator Yoshiba

Source: Encyclopedia of Godzilla, Gakken MOOK, p 172