Today is about tying up loose ends. I always get a few projects to complete right before I depart. And this time is no different. It always amazes me how things come up. This morning is about getting things out the way without burning most of the day.

Another travel tip is get the most out of available apps. Google maps is great for directions providing alternate routes. Another essential is HyerDia. HyperDia provides the timetable, schedules, and costs for the Shinkansen. Also note that the standard JR Pass doesn’t work on all trains. HyperDia allows you to plan your day without guess when your trains will come and go. I use the website and find it best.


I’ve decided to wait until I get to my connecting city to exchange my dollars for Japanese yen. I will only do a few hundred dollars. I plan to use the ATM at the convenient stores for cash. For big purchases I will use my credit card.


I’m starting to put together a list of Godzilla items to search for. I’m certain I’ll leave the Godzilla Store with my hands full. Nagano Broadway and Jungle Anime will be full of surprises. Here’s a very short list for the Godzilla Store:

Later today, I need to touch base with my friends whom I will visit during the trip. I need to wrap up everything today except for my bag. Most of tomorrow I’m out and will get home after 10 pm. As the clock counts down I’m praying for good weather, safe travels, and a great time. I’m excited. With you were with me. Here’s my YouTube video for today.