The Base of Red Bamboo is a full-scale set


The base of “Red Bamboo” is a full-scale set!

赤い竹の原爆製造工場は, レッチ島の山中にあると設定されたが, ミニチュアのセットのほか、実物大の建物をならべたオープン・セットも作られ、吉村たちが脱出するシーンなどは,その中で撮影された。写真は,オープンセットの中で基地司令官役の田崎潤や警備隊長役の平田昭彦に演技をつけている福田純監督(右端)。 これに対し, インファント島の人々が踊る祭壇は, 室内ステージにセットが組まれた。

The Red Bamboo Atomic Bomb Factory was set to be located in the mountains of Letch Island, but in addition to the miniature set, an open set with full-scale buildings was also made, and the scene where Yoshimura and his colleagues escaped is that. It was taken inside. The photo shows Jun Fukuda (far right) acting with Jun Tazaki, who plays the role of base commander, and Akihiko Hirata, who plays the role of guard captain in the open set. On the other hand, the altar where the people of Infant Island dance was set up on the indoor stage.

また,エビラは中に人間がはいり、手足や尾を操演で動かすしかけだが、水中撮影の対決シーンでは, ぬいぐるみが浮きあがってしまい、これまた撮影が大変だったという。

In addition, Ebirah has a human inside and moves its limbs and tail by manipulating it, but in the underwater shooting confrontation scene, the stuffed animal emerged, which was also difficult to shoot.

Source: テレビマガシンデラックス Godzilla Graph Book (Kodansha, p 75)