The Anatomy of Baragon 2001


Shinji Nishikawa’s Great Anatomy of Godzilla


The “guardian sacred beast” for Godzilla, the first one is Braragon. Dig into the depths of the earth and thoroughly dissect Baragon, who is toying with Godzilla.

『ゴジラ・モスラ・キングギドラ 大怪獣総攻撃』 婆羅護(2001)
“Godzilla, Mothra, King Ghidorah: Giant Monsters All-Out Attack” Baragon (2001)

VSシリーズでも復活しなかった昭和の名獣が33年ぶ りにスクリーンに登場した。 初代のイメージを踏襲し つつ、極力小さく作られたスーツは、 東宝怪獣初の女性 そのスーツアクターが演じる怪獣となった。

Showa’s famous beast, which was not revived in the VS series, appeared on the screen for the first time in 33 years. Following the image of the first generation, he made the suit as small as possible, and became the first monster to be played by a female suit actor.


There is a row of thorns in the center of the bellows on the back, which was not in the first generation.


He digs a tunnel under the opponent’s feet and adopts a tactic of dropping it.


The thorns on the top of the head now have the same color and texture as the horns.

He didn’t emit heat rays like the first generation.

The neck looks thick because the head is small.

Because of its red body color, it was called the “Red Monster”.

Large teeth against the mouth give a sense of ferocity.


He digs soil with its front legs and moves at high speed underground.


Large hind legs boasting powerful jumping power.


The protrusions on the hands and feet are not seen in the first generation.


Monster Baragon who confronted Godzilla with a small body

本作でゴジラと戦うバラゴン、モスラ、ギドラの3 怪獣は、「護国聖獣伝記」に記されたヤマトの護国聖獣とされ、過去作とは設定や形態が大きく異なるものとなった。

The three monsters, Baragon, Mothra, and Ghidorah, who fight Godzilla in this work, are Yamato’s guardian sacred beasts described in “Gokoku Seiju Denki,” and the settings and forms are greatly different from past works.


Among them, Baragon appears in a form and ability that is not much different from the original.

先鋒としてゴジラの強大さを観客に見せつける役 せんぼうどころであり、ゴジラとの体格差を出すため、スーツは極力小さく作られた。人間が入って演じる着ぐるみ怪獣の「同じくらいのサイズばかりになる」という弱点に限界まで挑んだゴジラとバラゴンの両者の戦いは、見る者に「バラゴンかわいそう」という感情を呼び起こさせ、ゴジラの悪役ぶりを強化することに一役買っていた。

The battle between Godzilla and Baragon, which challenged the weakness of the costumed monsters played by humans to the limit of “they are all about the same size,” evokes the feeling of “I pity Baragon” in the viewers, and it played a role in strengthening Godzilla’s villainous appearance.