The Age of Monster Island


The Age of Monster Island


The series of battles with King Ghidorah brought about a big change in Godzilla. By repelling the invaders from space, Godzilla has been celebrated as the savior of the earth.


Even if Godzilla himself is not conscious of it, this is taken as an ally of equal humanity. As a result, Godzilla can no longer rampage in cities where humans live like he used to.


Godzilla, who is not allowed to threaten human life and cannot coexist with mankind, retreats to a solitary island in the South Inton Sea and leads a reclusive life. Blessed with nature, the island has an abundance of food, and before long, a son, Minya, was born. For Godzilla, it should not have been a lonely day.


However, humans did not leave such a peaceful life alone.


On Letchi Island, the young people who drift ashore break their sleep, and on Solgel Island, they are trapped in the snow due to a weather experiment. In the end, he is trapped on an island called Kaiju Land along with other monsters and placed under human control.


Godzilla’s whereabouts may have been left only in the boy’s dreams.

1966~1969 ゴジラの戦績
1966~1969 Godzilla’s record

11. エビラ(レッチ島)
12. 大ワシ (レッチ島)
13. エビラ (レッチ島沖)
14. モスラ成虫 (レッチ島)
15. カマキラス (ゾルゲル島)
16. カマキラス(ゾルゲル島)
17. クモンガ (ゾルゲル島)
18. キングギドラ (富士山麓)
19. ガバラ(怪獣島)

11. Ebira (Letschi Island)
12. Great Eagle (Island of Letchi)
13. Ebira (Off Letchi Island)
14. Adult Mothra (Letchi Island)
15. Kamakilas (Sorgel Island)
16. Kamakilas (Sorgel Island)
17. Kumonga (Sorgel Island)
18. King Ghidorah (at the foot of Mt. Fuji)
19. Gabara (Monster Island)

※「オール怪獣大進撃」では、ゴジラはガバラの他に、エビラ、大ワシ、カマキラス、クモンガとも対戦しているが、これらは、以前の戦い (11、12、13、15, 17)を再編集したものなので、戦史の中には含まない。

In “All Monsters Great Attack,” in addition to Gabara, Godzilla fights Ebirah, Great Eagle, Kamakiras, and Kumonga, but these are re-edited previous battles (11, 12, 13, 15, 17). It is not included in the war history because it was