The 1954 hydrogen bomb monster



1954 The horrifying hydrogen bomb monster landed in Tokyo

昭和29年3月14日。ビキニ環礁における米国の水爆実験により被 災した第5 福竜丸が焼津港に帰港。同船は死の灰の被害をうけており、 16日になって築地魚河岸で同船から水揚げされたマグロからは強度 の放射能が検出された。この第5福竜丸事件から数ヵ月後の昭和29 年8月13日。南海汽船所属の貨物 船栄光丸が、北緯24度東経141度 2分において謎の怪光を浴びて遭難。さらに救助に向かった備後丸もまた消息を絶つという怪事件が 発生した。漂流中の遭難者は大戶島の漁船により保護されたが、この漁船もまた遭難。 唯一、島の猟 師・政治さんだけが島に漂着した。その数日後、大戸島に巨大台風の 仕業と思えるような大規模な災害が発生。家屋の倒壊により、生活に 窮した島の人々の陳情によって生物学者山根博士らによる大戸調査団が結成され、島の調査が開始された。 すると、調査団の眼前にジュラ紀の生物と思われる巨大な怪物が出現。怪物は大戸島の伝説に 従ってゴジラと命名され、政府は災害対策本部を設置してこれにあたった。しかし、ゴジラはフリゲ ート艦や機関銃の攻撃をものとも せず、東京へ上陸。品川駅を破壊しつくし、その脅威をみせつけた。 これにより事態を重く見た対策本 部は、翌日より5万ボルトの鉄条 網を敷設。しかし、20日に上陸したゴジラに対しては鉄条網も効を 相さず、ゴジラはついに首都へ進行してしまった。

March 14, 1954. Daigo Fukuryu Maru [Lucky Dragon No 5], which was damaged by the US hydrogen bomb test at Bikini Atoll, returned to Yaizu Port. The ship was damaged by fallout, and on the 16th, intense radioactivity was detected in the tuna landed from the ship on the banks of the Tsukiji Fish River. August 13, 1954, a few months after the Daigo Fukuryu Maru incident. The cargo ship Eiko Maru belonging to Nankai Kisen was distressed by a mysterious mysterious light at latitude 24 degrees north and longitude 141 degrees 2 minutes east. In addition, a mysterious incident occurred in which Bingo Maru, who went to rescue, also disappeared. The drifting victims were protected by a fishing boat on Odo Island, which was also in distress. Only the island hunter and politician was washed ashore on the island. A few days later, a large-scale disaster that seemed to be the work of a huge typhoon occurred on Odo Island. Due to the collapse of the house, the Oto investigation team was formed by biologist Dr. Yamane and others due to the petition of the people of the island who were in need of living, and the investigation of the island was started. Then, a huge monster that seems to be a Jurassic creature appears in front of the investigation team. The monster was named Godzilla according to the legend of Odo Island, and the government set up a disaster response headquarters to deal with it. However, Godzilla landed in Tokyo despite the attacks of the frigate ships and the machine guns. It destroyed Shinagawa station and showed its threat. As a result, the Countermeasures Headquarters, which saw the situation seriously, laid a wire fence of 50,000 volts from the next day. However, the wire fence did not work for Godzilla that landed on the 20th, and Godzilla finally proceeded to the capital.

Source: 怪獣王ゴジラ特撮写真館 (講談社コミックス p 68)