For most Godzilla movies I have fond memories, particularly for Godzilla vs Destoroyah (1995). Although it has a sad ending and brings the Heisei era to a close, every time I watch I laugh because I share a few things in common with Kenkichi Yamane. Kenkichi was the son of Shinkichi Yamane, adopted grandson of Dr. Kyohei Yamane, a main protagonists in Godzilla (1954). I love seeing his room with its Godzilla figures, posters, and desk with various Apple computers. It reminds me of my old room. We both owned the same Apple Macintosh computers and laptop. Our scanners and desks looked very similar as well. I was also a proud owner of both Bandai Godzilla figures that Kenkichi has displayed on his computer.

Like Kenichi, I was also a glass-wearing college student at that time. And like his father I was a scientist, a junior chemist. And along with many Godzilla fans, I spent hours studying Godzilla. I believe Toho created this character to represent us Kenkichi did it so well.