“Terror of MechaGodzilla” 3 Monster Battle Map


“Terror of MechaGodzilla” 3 Giant Monster Battle Map

(1) メカゴジラの残骸の調査、回収で潜航中の潜水艦あかつき号をチタノザウルスが襲う。

(1) Titanosaurus attacks the submarine Akatsuki, which is diving to investigate and collect the wreckage of MechaGodzilla.

(2) 円盤が映し出された直後の津田とのやりとりから、ムガール隊長が乗っていたもの。「地球人の乗り物はひどいな」という言葉から察するに、円盤から地球の飛行機に乗り換えて都内に出向いた模様。

(2) From the exchange with Tsuda immediately after the flying saucer was projected, the Mugal commander was on board. Judging from the words “Earthlings’ vehicles are terrible,” it seems that they changed from a saucer to an earthly plane and went to Tokyo.

(3) メカゴジラの残骸を海底から引き揚げて、ここで修復作業が行われた。

(3) The wreckage of MechaGodzilla was salvaged from the seafloor and restored here.

(4) 恐龍調査のために出港したあかつき2号にチタノザウルスが襲いかかる。

(4) Titanosaurus attacks Akatsuki 2, which has set sail for dinosaur research.

(5) 真船博士はムガールの指示を待たず、独断でチタノザウルスを上陸させる。

(5) Dr. Mafune sent the Titanosaurus without waiting for Mugal’s instructions.

(6) ブラックホール第三惑星人のスーパーガイガー探知機が、チタノザウルスに迫るゴジラを捉えた。

(6) Super Geiger detector of the Aliens from the Third Planet of the Black Hole caught Godzilla approaching Titanosaurus.

(7) 横須賀市街へ進撃したチタノザウルス。駆けつけたゴジラと激闘を繰り広げる。

(7) Titanosaurus attacking the city of Yokosuka. A fierce battle unfolds with the rushed Godzilla.

(8) 修復を終えたメカゴジラ2が秘密基地から飛び立つ。その直後、基地は自爆した。

(8) MechaGodzilla 2, which has finished repairing, takes off from the secret base. Shortly after, the base exploded.

(9) ブラックホール第三惑星人は、真船邸の地下研究室に拠点を移して、そこからメカゴジラ2、チタノザウルスに指令を発信する。

(9) The Aliens from the Third Planet of the Black Hole move their base to the underground laboratory of Mafune’s mansion, and from there he issues orders to MechaGodzilla 2 and Titanosaurus.

(10) 海からチタノザウルス、空からメカゴジラ。子供たちの悲鳴を聞きつけてゴジラが颯爽と登場。ついに決戦の火蓋が切って落とされた。

(10) Titanosaurus from the sea, MechaGodzilla from the sky. Hearing the children’s screams, Godzilla dashed out. Finally, the decisive battle was cut off and dropped.

(11) チタノザウルスの強烈な蹴りを食らって、ゴジラは街中から造成地まで吹っ飛んでしまった。そこが最後の決戦場となる。

(11) Godzilla was blown away from the city to the reclaimed land by a powerful kick from the Titanosaurus. This will be the final battlefield.

(12) 村越ら国際警察の捜査官たちに追い詰められたムガールは、高笑いを残して海へと消えた。その直後、海中から3機の円盤が浮上。逃亡を図るがゴジラの熱線によって、あっさりと撃墜される。造成地が横須賀郊外とすれば、真鶴から横須賀まで、円盤は相模湾を横断している。

(12) Mugal, cornered by Murakoshi and other international police investigators, disappeared into the sea with a big laugh. Immediately after that, three flying saucers surfaced from the sea. He tries to escape, but is easily shot down by Godzilla’s heat rays. If the reclaimed land is in the suburbs of Yokosuka, the flying saucers crossed Sagami Bay from Manazuru to Yokosuka.


(2) [Night sky] (Location unknown) Aliens from the Third Planet of the Black Hole flying saucer flew in (?)

(3) [Amagi Yamanaka] MechaGodzilla Secret Base

(5) [Yokosuka at night] Titanosaurus finally comes ashore

(6) [Taiheiyo Uraga Suido → Yokosuka] Godzilla’s path

(7) [Yokosuka at night] Titanosaurus vs. Godzilla

(8) [Amagi Yamanaka → Yokosuka] MechaGodzilla 2 launches!

(9) [Manazuru] Mafune House Basement Laboratory

(10) [Yokosuka in the daytime] MechaGodzilla and Titanosaurus attack!

(11) [Development site (location unknown)] Battle to the death of three major monsters

(12) [Manazuru no Umiichi Redevelopment Site] Course of the Mugal disk

*Each map on this page contains guesses for both locations and routes.


(1) [Off Cape Zanpamisaki]
Titanosaurus attacks Akatsuki

(4) [Seabed off Cape Zanpa (speculation)] Titanosaurus attacks Akatsuki 2

Source: 昭和メカゴジラ, p 103.