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In 1984 Godzilla returned. After a nine-year hiatus from the big screen, the Big G returned and he was alone. He brought along a myriad of collectibles in his wave. In the late 70s, there was a Godzilla renaissance and toy boom with the release of an impressive lineup of toys, figure, games, comic books, costumes, puzzles, punching bags, models and more from American companies. In Japan, Godzilla’s return from slumber was imminent and a wave of collectibles, books and promotional materials were on the way.

Godzilla 1983 Revival Festival (ゴジラ 1983 復活フェスティバルこれ以上) promotional advertisement

Bandai ad on back cover of “Monster Catalogue in 3D” (ファンタスティックコレクション No 38 3D怪獣全集), published in 1984

1984 was a game changer for my Godzilla collection with the arrival of a tsunami of Japanese collectibles upon American shores onto small shop shelves. The influx of Bandai figures, books, model kits, posters and t-shirts dwarfed my collection from the 70s. There were many items I could not acquire and afford. There was the 18″ Bandai Great Monster Series Godzilla released in 1984. I longed for it staring at it in the display case of Rocketships & Accessories retailing for about $100. Seven years later, I was gifted the 1988 reissue. The significance of 1984 is never far from my thoughts. That year holds my fondest memories and strongest feelings of nostalgia. Over the last several years, I’ve looked for more collectibles released during that time: the Godzilla Great Monster Battle Electronic Game, The Godzilla Computer War Game, the Godzilla 1984 Toho Video, Godzilla 1984 laserdisc books, albums, mini posters, movie tickets and more.

Godzilla 1984 books

But one item has eluded me over the years, the Takara Combat Joe Costume Godzilla (Costume Type) (コンバットジョー・コスチュームゴジラ (着ぐるみタイプ))! Combat Joe was the Japanese marketing name for the popular action figure GI Joe produced by the Hasbro toy company in 1964. In 1971, the Japanese toy company Takara1 purchased the license and released the Combat Joe Real Action Figure Series (コンバットジョ—アクションフィギュアシリーズ). Like GI Joe, they had movable joints, outfits and accessories. In 1984, Combat Joe was transformed into Godzilla! Takara created a soft vinyl rubber costume with zipper, removable head, hands, dorsal fins and tail. Like a Japanese Godzilla suit actor and stuntman, Combat Joe enters costume from the back and gets zipped inside and is ready for action. The figure is 12 inches in height. The figure and costume are very impressive in hand.

1970年代。兄さんの胸を熱くしたあいつ「GIジョ—」は、ボクたちの触れられない兄さんの大切なコレクションだった。1984年。あいつが帰ってくる。あの時より全ての面でグレードアップし、新しく「コンバットジョ—」として生まれかわって………。今、ボクたちの胸は熱くなる。あそびは文化、あそびは教育 TAKARA

1970s. His heart-warming “GI Joe” was an important collection of his untouchable brother. 1984. He’s back. From that time on, it was upgraded in all aspects and reborn as a new “Combat Joe” … Now our hearts are getting hot. Play is culture, play is education TAKARA

ファンに応えて、ついに登場! ド迫力のニューウェ—ブ。出現!史上最大の人気者。ついにCOMBAT JOEがゴジラに変身。コンバットジョ—がまた新しい展開を見せはじょめた。その弟1弾は“人気イラストコンテスト”で大人気だったゴジラの着ぐるみだ。面白いさ2倍、楽しさ100倍! ‘84年12月15日 新作映画「ゴジラ」全国東宝系公開! COMBAT JOE REAL ACTION FIGURE SERIES コンバットジョ—アクションフィギュアシリーズ | ● No.8. コスチュームゴジラ 予¥3,600 | コスチュームゴジラDX 予¥6,500 | DXにはゴジラの頭部が2種類。さらにコンバットジョー(日本人タイプ。しかも豆しぼりの手ぬぐい付)が入っています。| TAKARA ©東宝•東宝映像

In response to fans, it’s finally here! A powerful new wave. Appearance! The most popular person in history. Finally COMBAT JOE transforms into Godzilla. Combat Joe has shown a new development again. The first younger brother is Godzilla’s costume, which was very popular in the “Popular Illustration Contest.” Double the fun and 100 times the fun! December 15, 1984 New movie “Godzilla” released nationwide by Toho! COMBAT JOE REAL ACTION FIGURE SERIES Combat Jo-Action Figure Series | ● No.8. Costume Godzilla Preliminary ¥ 3,600 | Costume Godzilla DX Preliminary ¥ 6,500 | DX has two types of Godzilla heads. In addition, Combat Joe (Japanese type, with a bean-squeezed towel) is included. | TAKARA © Toho • Toho Video

Takara released two types of the Combat Joe Costume Godzilla and Combat Joe Costume Godzilla DX (コンバットジョー・コスチュームゴジラDX). The first type was the Godzilla costume only. The DX version included the Combat Joe figure, an additional Destroy All Monsters Godzilla 1968 head (総進擊ゴジラ頭部) and a headband (tenugui, 手拭, てぬぐい) like that worn by Heisei Godzilla suit-actor Kenpachiro Satsuma. The headband is a plain weave cloth made of cotton for wiping sweat, water after washing the face and hands, and washing the body when taking a bath. It is worn on the head for purposes such as cold and heat protection and dust protection, and as an accessory for festivals (Source: Wikipedia). The DX box has a sticker of Combat Joe standing in the suit and the additional head.

Box Front

創作 · 著作物 ©TAKARA CO., LTD 1984
Creation•Copyright © TAKARA CO., LTD 1984


©東宝•東宝映像 © Toho ·Toho Video

あそびは文化、あそびは教育 Play is culture, play is education

コンバットジョー Combat Joe
日本人タイプ人形付 With Japanese type figure
コスチュームゴジラDX(デラックス) Costume Godzilla DX (Deluxe)
※ 完成見本の写真は実際の商品とは多少異なります。The photo of the finished sample may be slightly different from the actual product.
総進擊ゴジラ頭部付 With Godzilla head

Box Back

Costume Godzilla (costume type) assembly explanatory drawing

★ コンバットジョーの世界にゴジラ出現!
★ Godzilla appears in the world of Combat Joe!

◾部品特徴 Parts features
映画「モスラ対ゴジラ」のゴジラ、(着ぐるみ)をコンバットジョーの世界に合わせて1/6スケールで再現しました。背中は、ファスナー加工する事によりコンバットジョーの着せ替えを可能です。又、ゴジラの表情をリアルに再現する様に、歯は別成形にしました。Godzilla (Costume) from the movie “Mothra vs. Godzilla” has been reproduced on a 1/6 scale to match the world of Combat Joe. The back can be dressed up as a Combat Joe by zippering. In addition, the teeth are molded separately so that Godzilla’s facial expression can be realistically reproduced.

◾部品内容 Parts contents
A ゴジラ シッポ Godzilla tail
B ゴジラ 左 手 Godzilla left hand
C ゴジラ 右 手 Godzilla right hand
D ゴジラ 背ビレ Godzilla back fins
E ゴジラ 本体 Godzilla body
F マジックテープ(4枚入) Magic tape (4 pieces)
G 総進擊ゴジラ頭部 Destroy All Monsters Godzilla head
H ハチ巻(豆しぼり) Headband (spotted pattern)
I コンバットジョ— 人形 Combat Joe ― figure

G~1までは, DXタイプのみ入っています。From (G) to (I), only DX type is included.
部品が揃っているか、よくお確め下さい。Please make sure that you have all the parts.

※ ゴジラの本体、背ビレ及び手は塗装されていません。Godzilla’s body, back fins and hands are not painted.

※ 印(G)~(I)までは, DXタイプのみ入っています。Only DX type is included from (G) to (I).

1 ゴジラ本体に、シッポ(A)を差し込みます。Insert the tail (A) into the Godzilla body.

2 コンバット•ジョエーの人形(1)(以下ジョーの人形と略します。)の肩から腕を外します。次にこの腕から手首を外します。Remove the arm from the shoulder of the Combat Joe’s figure (1) (hereinafter abbreviated as Joe’s figure). Then remove the wrist from his arm.

3 腕はあらかじめゴジラ本体に挿入しておきます。Insert the arm into the Godzilla body in advance.

[2]で外した左腕を、ゴジラ本体(E)の左腕に挿入し、ゴジラの左手首(B)をジョイントします。右腕も同様に取り付けます。Insert the left arm removed in [2] into the left arm of Godzilla body (E), and join Godzilla’s left wrist (B). Attach the right arm in the same way.

4 ※ コンバットジョーを本体に入れる時には、足首をのぼしておいた方、入れ易いです。When inserting the combat jaw into the main body, it is easier to insert it if you have your ankle raised.

ジョーの人形(1)を、ゴジラ本体(E)の中に、入れます。次にゴジラ本体(E)の中に[3]で挿入されている腕とジョイントします。Put Joe’s doll (1) in the Godzilla body (E). Next, join with the arm inserted in [3] in the Godzilla body (E).

5 背ビレ(D)にマジックテープ(F)の裹紙をはがし、ゴジラ本体(E)に付いているマジックテープの位置に合わせて貼り付けます。Peel off the velcro (F) paper on the spine fin (D) and attach it according to the position of the velcro attached to the Godzilla body (E).

6 正しい取付け位置 Correct mounting position | 上 Up | 下 Under

Close the fastener attached to the back of Godzilla body (E), and attach the back fin (D) to Godzilla body (E).

◾水性カラー塗指示 Water-based color coating instructions
背ビレメタルコート Back fin metal coat
[1]シルバー Silver
手•足のツメ Hands and feet
(111)アイボリー Ivory
舌(13)ツヤ消しレッド Tongue (13) Matte red

ゴジラ本体の皮膚の感じをよりリアルに仕上げたい場合には、水性カラー(12)ツヤ消しブラック又は、(レベルカラーツヤ消しブラック)をよくうすめて、本体のディテールのみぞに流し込むぐらいに塗装して下さい。If you want to make the skin feel of Godzilla more realistic, dilute the water-based color (12) matte black or (level color matte black) well and paint it to the extent that it is poured into the details of the body.

◾首の取付け方 How to attach the neck

総進擊ゴジラタイプにしたい時には、本体(E)に付いている頭部を外し、付け替えます。(※ 総進擊タイプの頭部は、DXタイプのみに入っています。) If you want to make it a Godzilla type, remove the head attached to the main body (E) and replace it. (※ The head of the total advance type is included only in the DX type.)

◾豆しぼりの巻き方 How to squeeze beans

1. ねじってから頭に巻きつけます。Twist and wrap it around his head.
2. ねじった状態のまま結びます。Tie in a twisted state.

[ご注意] 長い期間、コンバットジョー(人形)を、ゴジラ本体の中に入れておくと侵蝕し、取り出せない場合がありますので遊んだ後は、ジョー(人形)を取り出しておきましょう。[Caution] If you put the combat jaw (figure) in the Godzilla body for a long time, it may erode and you may not be able to take it out, so take out the jaw (figure) after playing.

お買い上げのお客さまへ To customers who have purchased

この度は当社商品をお買い上げ頂きまして、誠にありがとうこざいます。品質管理には十分注意をしておりますが、万ーお気付きの点がございましたら、下記「お客さまサービスセンター」までご連絡くださいますようお顔い申し上げます。Thank you for purchasing our product. We pay close attention to quality control, but if you have any questions, please contact the “Customer Service Center” below.

株式会社タカラお客さまサービスセンター | Takara Customer Service Center Co., Ltd.
〒125東京都慈飾区青戸4-19-16 | 4-19-16 Aoto, Katsushika-ku, Tokyo 125
TEL 03(602)3030(直通 direct)

あそびは文化、あそびは教育 Play is culture, play is education


Combat Joe figure with headband, Godzilla suit, extra head, hands and back fins (not in scale)

A couple months ago, I had scored this wonderful Takara figure on eBay until two weeks later when the dealer told me the figure could not be found in their warehouse. I was disappointed because another DX figure was not available on eBay and Buyee Japan. I searched everyday until a new listing appeared on Buyee two weeks ago. I paid less and the box and figure are in good condition. I’m grateful to finally own this classic figure. Now the original joins my Medicom Combat Joe Godzilla 1954 released years later in 1997. My brother Joel and I loved GI Joe growing up. We had a large Joe collection. Back then I never dreamt there was a GI Joe Godzilla figure. Dreams do come true!

1 Takara Co., Ltd. was a Japanese toy company founded in 1955. In March 2006, the company merged with another prominent Japanese toy company, Tomy Co., Ltd., to form Takara Tomy (also known in English as TOMY Company Ltd.) The company motto was 「遊びは文化」, which means “playing is culture.” (See Wikipedia)

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