Something big is coming! My most anticipated box day is almost here. I’ve been waiting over one year to get this! Finally, after a long wait and reissue, it’s almost here. The box has reached the local FedEx office where it awaits delivery on Monday. I’m stoked! Every Godzilla fan I know has a list of holy grails he or she dreams to possess one day. Well, this one is mine. It’ll be the center of my collection and attention. I’m lookong forward to sharing with you and taking as many photos of it as possible. It’s one of the finest Godzilla collectibles I’ve ever seen. Coming soon!

Shin Godzilla poster

In the meantime, as I wait just a couple more days, I have a cool little Box Day scheduled to arrive today. This will certainly suffice until the big one. It’s small but special and unique. I look forward to sharing this one as well.