Today, my toy photography was featured on the Kaiju Fan Network Skreeonk. KFN’s brainchild and content manager, Jon Bumpus, interviewed me as part of their Artist’s Spotlight. It is truly a great honor to be recognized by fellow Godzilla fans and collectors. I want to thank Jon and Skreeonk.


Since joining the Godzilla Collectors Group on facebook, I’ve been posting my photography to share my experiences of collecting all things Godzilla. Meeting fellow Godzilla fans and collectors has been rejuvenating and it has become an impetus for my creative expression of Godzilla. Two weeks ago, I began recreating original Godzilla theatrical posters using X-Plus and Bandai figures. And the feedback has been tremendous.

Last year, I jumped out of obscurity as a Godzilla collector and jumped back into collecting after entering an hiatus back in 2004. I spent seven years teaching in Japan but enjoying Godzilla from a distance and resisting the impulse to collect. But now it’s over. I’m back in with both feet trying to make up for lost time. So for the past year I’ve been indulging, particularly with collecting X-Plus Godzilla figures and the work of Yuji Sakai. X Plus figures offer the quality and detail of garage kits without the skill and labor required to assemble them. The vinyls are exceptional and great for photography. The work of Yuji Sakai is second to none. His dioramas make for great recreations of movie scenes.

It was always my intention to photograph my collection as a way of documentation. But what began as chronicling my acquisitions over the years turned out to be my creative expression and enjoyment of Godzilla. After a few months of experimenting with what to do with my camera, my amateur work and ambition has grown into something unexpected. And I’m honored that others enjoy it along with me. I feel a sense of validation and acceptance among G fans. I have a greater determination to do more and better work. I hope to make more for your in the near future.

Visit Skreeonk! and read the interview