John, John, and Jon

The weekend was great and filled with good times as my three friends and I traveled to New York City for a day of fun. We made our rounds hitting Forbidden Planet, Toy Tokyo, Kinokuniya, and Mitsuwa. My hands were full and the trunk was packed with bags. It was a great day for collectible shopping. But the best was yet to come.

Haruo Nakajima Signature

My great friend Eric with whom I grew up collecting Godzilla, surprised me with the best Christmas gift. I could not be at the last year’s Chiller to give Nakajima-san’s signature, so he got it for me and framed it. Awesome and thoughtful friend! An awesome gift! This is the signature piece of my collection.

I snagged a Rodan and Hedorah from Toy Tokyo and great books from Kinokuniya. New photo shoots are scheduled.