Shuichi Izumi


Shuichi Izumi, who is surprisingly popular on the internet

ネットでも話題沸騰 意外な人気の泉修一

「野心溢れるセリフが魅力」「里見総理が『泉ちゃん』というところが好き」など、意外 (?) なキャラクターが人気沸騰。とくに、立川へ移動した矢口がいらだっ た際、ペットボトルを押しつけ「まずは 君が落ち着け」というシーンは「水ドン」 という通称がつけられるほどだ。

Surprising (?) characters such as “Ambitious lines are attractive” and “Prime Minister Satomi likes the place called “Izumi-chan”” are becoming popular. In particular, when Yaguchi moved to Tachikawa and he was frustrated, the scene where he pushed a PET bottle and said “You calm down first” is so popularly known as “Mizudon.”

Source: シン・ゴジラ機密研究読本 (p 118)