XBox Day has arrived with the new beautiful X-Plus 25cm Shin Godzilla. I had my doubts. The pictures I had seen caused me to worry about the proportions and head size. But in person the Shin Godzilla figure is simply amazing. The photos are deceiving and give a false impression of the tail length. The paint job is great! The accuracy is amazing given that it is a sculpt rather than from the CG model. I ordered the standard version that retails at 19,980円. The pic version comes in purple translucent parts and interchangeable heads. Get this! You won’t be disappointed. This is a must for the Shin Godzilla collector. If you were like me and missed out on the Kaiyodo realistic figure, this X-Plus helps to dry the tears.

東宝大怪獣シリーズ 「シン・ゴジラ」 少年リック限定版 【2次受付 2017年1月発送予定】