With the release of Shin Godzilla in under three weeks the excitement is at a fever pitch. Every social media post stirs the emotions and heightens the anticipation. Fans’ imaginations are running wild and nervous are on edge. What has been most enjoyable is the amazing Shin Godzilla fan art. There are so many talented Godzilla fans. This explosion of creative expression may be the result of Toho’s approach to promoting Shin Godzilla. Shin Godzilla’s appearance was shrouded in mystery for very long until shots were released. And few and limited trailers have keep us in the dark on the story plot. The story does not appear to pick up in 1954. But the connections with Shodai Godzilla are there. This was my motivation to add the growing collection of fan art. Several weeks ago I began a series of stills with Shin Godzilla situated in scenes from Gojira 1954. This series I called, “It was 1954.” Now, here is a mini-poster based on the original theatrical poster to go along with it.