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Shin Godzilla has arrived!

Shin has Arrived!


This is the most anticipate and biggest Box Day yet. The holy grail has come. The center of my collection has arrived. The X-Plus Gigantic Shin Godzilla (ギガンティックシリーズ ゴジラ(2016)第4形態) has landed at my front door. And it does not disappoint! Secured within its enormous box, this magnificent monster is worth every penny of which were many. The size, sculpt, detail, color, texture, tail, impression, and exactness does not come up short. It’s a beautiful beast. A must have. It’s Shin Godzilla in all its glory. Well done, X-Plus, well done!

X-Plus Gigantic Shin Godzilla

X-Plus Gigantic Shin Godzilla

X-Plus Gigantic Shin Godzilla


This soft vinyl Shin Godzilla figure has an overall height of about 47cm and a total length of about 83cm. Pre-orders came and went demanding second orders. Get your hands on it early or pay much more later. Check out AmiAmi.com, Hobby Search Japan (1999.co.jp), Hobby Link Japan (hlj.com), and Amazon.co.jp and others. It’s expense at about $680 with a hefty shipping cost of $200 because of the enormous shipping box. But it’s well worth it.


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