Shigeru Kayama and Godzilla


● 映画「ゴジラ」の原作者は香山滋である。しかし、これまでに厳密な意味で、原作本が出版さされた事実はない。

Shigeru Kayama is the author of the movie “Godzilla.” However, strictly speaking, there is no fact that the original book has been published so far.


Shigeru Kayama’s original was only printed in the mimeograph version as “G work production preparation manuscript,” and its length is about 50 pages of 400-character manuscript paper, about the size of a short story. Compared to the book, it can be said that it is an excellent original that is not too different from the story.



After the completion of “Godzilla” and “Godzilla Raids Again,” Shigeru Kayama invited the film production staff to Atami for one night.

Source: ゴジラ大全集 テレビマガジンデラックス, p 41