Secrets of Monster Island


Secrets of Monster Island (Kaiju Land)


Monster Island is, to be exact, one of the Ogasawara Marine Development Experimental Facilities managed by the United Nations Scientific Committee. The experimental facility group consists of eight large and small islands, and is conducting research to utilize various marine resources and energy, mainly in the marine ranch where plankton, large fish, whales, dolphins, etc. are cultivated.


The largest island of the eight is the Monster Island, and most of the food for the monsters that eat a lot is made on the mariculture ranch. It was once defeated by the Kiraaku aliens, but it has been restored to its original function.


小笠原海洋開発実験施設 群の全景。
A panoramic view of the Ogasawara Marine Development Experiment Facility Group.

Helicopoo of Monster Land, underground entrance for liaison aircraft.

Monster Island Management Center.