Rodan Pictorial


大怪獣ウルトラ写真画報 ⑭

Super Mach Whirlwind
Large Monster Ultra Photo Pictorial ⑭

ラドン Rodan


In the invasion of the large monster Rodan in the sky, the people of Tokyo ran away fast.


Rodan, who was in the unmarked station building, flaps his wings. A super Mach whirlwind that happens instantly. The train blows off cars like a toy. The next big fire. Tokyo is in dire straits.

❶ 50メートル
翼長 120メートル
❷ 1万5000トン
❸ つばさの破壊力
❹ 九州の炭鉱

Rodan notes
❶ 50 meters
Wingspan 120 meters
❷ 15,000 tons
❸ Destructive wing power
❹ Kyushu coal mine

© 東宝 /「空の大怪獣ラドン」から
© Toho / From “Rodan, the Great Sky Monster”