Revoltech Gigan

Today was another box day and a great one at that. On time for Christmas was the Tokusatsu Revoltech No. 023 Gigan (特撮リボルテック Series No.023 ガイガン) that I had my eyes on for a long time. As with all the Revoltech figures they are known for their detail and articulation. Each tokusatsu figure comes with additional props. Gigan comes with miniature sections of an oil refinery as seen in Godzilla vs Gigan (ゴジラ対ガイガン). Earlier this year I saw a display model in LAB computer store in Nagoya, but the availability of this figure had long passed. I thought that I would not be able to find this figure but there it was on Mandarake (a great source for old, new, and used Godzilla and other Japanese tokusatsu and anime collectibles).

Revoltech Gigan
特撮リボルテック Series No.023 ガイガン • フィギュア詳細: 全高:約145mm, 可動箇所:全16箇所, ジョイント使用数:16個, 10mmジョイント×7/8mmジョイント×4/6mmダブルジョイント×2/4mmジョイント×1

There was a cool box wrapper with suit actor Haruo Nakajima promoting this item. It read, ⸢初代ゴジラ•スーツアクター中島春雄氏大絶賛!! 赤い目の怪獣だ!よく憶えてる。⸥ translated, “Shodai Gojira Suit Actor, Haruo Nakajima gives rave reviews.” He says, “Red-eyed monster. I remember well.” (No.# 11 Adult dream toy. Tokusatsu Revolt Tech).

Revoltech Gigan

Here is the scene from Godzilla vs Gigan recreated in this figure and prop.


Below is a link to the Revoltech web site for more pictures and details.