Resurrection Godzilla is popular


The New Year’s movies are “High and low, high and low”

Resurrection Godzilla is popular


This year’s New Year’s movies marked the beginning of a long-running “high-low, high-low” Japanese movies where foreign movies were sluggish and Japanese movies stood out.


Last year, Toho and Toei, which had excellent results in the youth route, recovered in their respective specialty fields of monsters and period dramas.


Toho’s “Godzilla vs King Ghidorah” has nearly quadrupled in popularity from last year due to the popularity of King Ghidorah’s revival for the first time in 20 years and the lack of other movies that can be enjoyed by parents and children. As a series, the performance of the previous work “Biollante” is expected to increase by 50%, and the next work “Mothra” gained momentum.


Toei’s “The Great Shogunate Battle” is a stable popularity with a 70% increase compared to last year, partly due to vigorous advance ticket sales.


Shochiku’s 44th installment of “Otoko wa Tsurai yo,” “Tora-san Confesses,” was screened alongside “Tsuribaka Nisshi 4,” showing a 10% increase in attendance compared to last year. How far will it come close to the 30th work “Tora-san, the Expert,” which has the highest score in the series?


On the other hand, foreign films got off to a gloomy start with a decline of about 20% compared to last year.


The biggest reason is that we were not blessed with blockbuster entertainment works like “Back to the Future 2” the year before last and “Total Recall” and “Pretty Woman” last year. There is also a stern view that “it will end with half the results of last year.”


“Cape Fear” and “Hot Shots!” are doing relatively well. In the mini theater series, “Toto the Hero” and “Delicatessen” are gaining popularity.


“Godzilla vs King Ghidorah” grabbed parents and children