Ren Osugi

There is sad news to report. Actor Ren Osugi (大杉 漣, September 27, 1951 – February 21) has passed today. To us Godzilla fans he is now best known as the Japanese Prime Minister (内閣総理大臣). When I saw Shin Godzilla for the first time I remember hear the word “souri” 「そうり」over and over again. I realized later that it was the word for “Prime Minister.” The scene I remember most is when his press conference was abruptly interrupted with the news that Shin Godzilla made land fall. And he replied, “Kamatani?”「えっ、蒲田に?」. He will be missed by his fans.

Ren Osugi died of heart failure. He was 66 years old. Our prayers and condolences to his family and the Toho community.