There it is! Another Shin Godzilla location found. After a Twitter tip that this scene was shot near a Kamakura train station, my search was on. This time it only lasted for 5 minutes. There were not many stations to search and there was one important clue. When Shin Godzilla’s tail flies across the roof tops there is a shop named Rakaposhi. This was clue I needed. The name was not entirely clear. After a few Google searches I secured its exact spelling and Google Map location. The shop is the Flower + café Rakaposhi (ラカポシ) and like in the trailer it is closed on street view. I knew I had found the spot definitively when I saw the traffic sign and numbers. Another Godzilla location was on the map! Again Godzilla is in Kamakura, Kanagawa Prefecture. And with the power of Google street view we can enjoy a 360° view of Godzilla’s stomping ground. And may be if we wait long enough there will be a tail sighting.

Shin Godzilla Rakaposhi Café

It’s not far from the Yokosuka Line eki (Japanese for train station) and nearby the Onari Elementary School, which may account for the young students running in the following scene. Let’s check out Rakaposhi next time we are in Japan (フラワーカフェラカポシ Japan 〒248-0012 Kanagawa-ken, Kamakura-shi, Onarimachi, 2).

Shin Godzilla Rakaposhi CaféShin Godzilla Rakaposhi CaféShin Godzilla Rakaposhi CaféShin Godzilla Rakaposhi Café

Ready for your walk through! Don’t forget to duck!

Street View