Piece of Nostalgia


I am a nostalgia junkie. I love remembering and celebrating the past. There are some memories etched in stone such as going through the weekly television guide searching for Godzilla movies and the listings for Ultraman, The Space Giants, Johnny Sokko and His Flying Robot, Speed Racer, Marine Boy, and more. Recently, I purchased an old Philadelphia Inquirer TV Week from 1975 featuring Ben Vereen on the cover. And inside there was my daily afternoon tv lineup from 3 to 6:00pm. Captain Scarlet on channel 17, Super Heroes on 29, Felix the Cat on 48. Later came Popeye, Batman, and Speed Racer to set up my favorite, Ultraman on channel 17. Marine Boy and Spiderman finished off the afternoon. Handling the book smelling the old print takes me back many years. I’m back in my childhood. It’s like a time machine. What memories do you have?

Philly Inquirer TV Week featuring Ben Vereen 1975

Philly Inquirer TV Week featuring Ben Vereen 1975 inside