My trip to Japan is a week out and it’s now time to think about packing. A quick google search turned up a good packing list from PackSmith that was along my thoughts. I’m trying to get everything in a backpack and this looks doable. This list is for urban environments for 7-10 days. Perfect!

Urban Japan Packing List (7-10 days)
2 pairs of pants (one pair jeans, another khaki)
3 t-shirts
3 button up shirts
4 underwear
4 socks
1 sweater/jacket (for the months outside of summer)
1 nice, comfortable walking shoes than can double for something a bit dressier

Each day I make time to watch helpful travel videos on YouTube. Japan’s convenient stores are the best. If you forgot to pack something, chances are you can find it at the konbini (コンビニ) as they are known in Japan. I live for konbini and their candies, drinks, desserts, onigiri, quick meals, ATMs, magazines, and more.