It was a year ago today in Japan a new Godzilla was born, Shin Godzilla. It seems like yesterday the movie debuted because the interest and conversations about this fantastic beast has yet to subside. In just a couple days, Funimation will release the US version of the film renewing interests and new fans who have yet to see it.

Shin Godzilla Japanese teaser poster

Shin Godzilla was everything I wanted in a Godzilla film and more. It was stirring, emotion, and cathartic. Hideaki Anno and Shinji Higuchi created a remarkable film that will resonate with fans for generations. Like in 1954, Shin Godzilla grow out of a national crisis. Shodai Godzilla arose from the ashes of post-world Japan and the US nuclear bomb testing in the Bikini Atoll Islands. Shin Godzilla arose out of the tragedy of the Great East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami on March 11, 2011.

Shin Godzilla 311 Motif

I was emotionally stir to tears as I watched Shin Godzilla. It resonated deep within me stirring my memories of that tragic day and context that film so powerfully represented as Godzilla came ashore and made its way to Tokyo like the radiation spewing from the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant. And it was only just several days ago that melted nuclear fuel was discovered in one of the reactors marking a significant milestone. In years to come, Shin Godzilla will be cited as a film that demonstrated the effect 311 had on Japanese cinema.

Shin Godzilla opening night group shot

G-Tour group with me in the back on the left wearing red

I recall waiting for the film to start seated in the MX4D theater of the Shinjuku Toho Cinema, part of Hotel Gracery. During the film my seat shock and water was sprayed in my face, but nothing stirred my soul more than the scenes that echoed the events of 311.

Toho Cinema ShinjukuKamakura visitKamakura visit

Earlier that I day I went on a journey to Kamakura to follow in the footsteps of the mighty monster in preparation for the 1:30 AM start later that day. I would see Shin Godzilla three times deepening my love and understanding of the film. I will never forget that day one year ago.